10 most iconic celebrity cameos in Super Bowl commercials


The Super Bowl is one of the biggest television shows in America. While the game on the grill isn’t an instant classic most of the time, there’s no denying that the Super Bowl commercials are great every year.

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With many eyes on the Super Bowl, most businesses often bring a celebrity or two to their Super Bowl ad for additional endorsement. The ads on this list are most iconic for the way they feature celebrities and end up being memorable in the long run.

Cindy Crawford – “Two Children” (Pepsi, 1992)

Split image of two boys watching and Cindy Crawford drinking a Pepsi in an advertisement.

Legendary model Cindy Crawford certainly turned a lot of heads in her 1992 Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. It was such a classic ad that Pepsi recreated it a decade later in 2002, and then again in 2018 (with Crawford’s son, no less).

Parking her car at a gas station, Crawford got out of her car in a tank top and denim shorts. As she buys a can of Pepsi, she catches the attention of two young boys who are watching her. Then Crawford sipped from his can, making it one of the most iconic snaps ever seen in a Super Bowl commercial.

Betty White – “Betty White” (Snickers, 2010)

Betty White eats a Snickers bar on a soccer field in an advertisement.

Watching Betty White play soccer, considering her age, is quite shocking to watch. However, in that Snickers Super Bowl commercial, the then-88-year-old actress played soccer with a bunch of guys. After running to catch a pass, White is fiercely tackled to the ground.

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White is dragged into the squad and one of his teammates asks him, “Mike, what’s your deal? And after eating a Snickers, White suddenly turns into Mike. Not only did this ad become a classic, it also brought White back into the national limelight.

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott – “Cool Ranch Dance” (Doritos, 2020)

Lil Nas X eats Doritos while riding in an ad.

Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” was a hugely popular song in 2019, topping many charts. It was so popular that it resulted in a Super Bowl commercial for Doritos starring Lil Nas X – and famous cowboy actor, Sam Elliott.

Lil Nas X and Elliott playfully met on an Old Town road for a showdown in the Old West. But instead of a cowboy shootout, the two engaged in a dance battle over a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips. It wasn’t until Nas X got on his horse and made him dance that Elliot respectfully bowed. As Nas X rode toward sunset, Billy Ray Cyrus sat on a porch strumming his guitar, insisting he “doesn’t dance”.

Ray Charles – “You’ve Got the Right Baby” (Diet Pepsi, 1991)

Split image of Ray Charles with school kids and Ray facing the camera in a Pepsi ad.

In the early 90s, Diet Pepsi used “You Got the Right One, Baby” as a slogan. The pioneer of this slogan was singer Ray Charles, who performed on his piano for a series of three Super Bowl commercials for Diet Pepsi.

The late Ray Charles was not alone, as he had a group of models singing “You Got the Right One Baby, Uh Huh” with him. The words “Uh Huh” became the song’s catchphrase, and in one commercial in particular, Charles even wondered if his song had made its way around the world.

John Krasinki, Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch – “Smaht Pahk” (Hyundai, 2020)

Two men and a woman stand in a street and eagerly watch a Hyndai advertisement.

The Boston accent is quite a unique accent, with Bostonians constantly forgoing the “r” sound for the “ah” sound. When you hear multiple people speaking this accent at the same time, it can be quite overwhelming, even fun.

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Boston stars Chris Evans, John Krasinki and Rachel Dratch appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai, all accentuating their Boston accents. All three of them shone in this commercial, acting like typical Bostonians as they discussed the smart parking aid for the Krasinki Hyundai Sonata. Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz also made an appearance and even he was a fan of the “smaht pahk” feature.

Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett – “Joe Namath” (Noxzema, 1974)

Split image of Joe Namath and Farrah Fawcett side by side and applying face cream in a Noxema ad.

During his playing days, the former New York Jets quarterback appeared in numerous TV commercials. One of those commercials was a 1974 Super Bowl commercial for Noxzema, which featured him along with Charlie’s Angels actress Farrah Fawcett.

The ad itself is very simple, with a jingle (“Let Noxzema cream your face”) and Farrah applying a lot of Noxzema to Namath’s face in a rather sultry way. Namath was clearly all smiles throughout, terribly dizzy as expressed by his famous line: “I’m so horny, I’m going to get creampied!”

Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins – “Alexa is losing her voice” (Amazon, 2018)

Rebel Wilson sits in a tub with headphones on in an Alexa commercial.

When Alexa suddenly loses her voice, it’s up to a bunch of celebrity backups hired by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to take her place. For the most part, however, the results have all been failures. As expected.

Gordon Ramsay went over to a man asking how about a grilled cheese sandwich. Rebel Wilson spoke dirty to a man who just wanted to set the mood for his dinner party. Cardi B asked why someone would go to the moon after being asked about Mars, and Sir Anthony Hopkins told a woman calling her boyfriend that he was not available. Finally, towards the end of the ad, Alexa regained her voice.

Michael Jordan – “Jordan Hare” (Nike, 1992)

Shared image of Michael Jordan and Jordan walking with Bugs Bunny in Nike's

Three years before teaming up with Bugs Bunny against the Monstars, Michael Jordan first met the Looney Tunes star in a Super Bowl commercial for Nike. A few basketball players bothered Bugs while playing at a local gym, and Bugs challenged them to a basketball game – along with his teammate, Michael Jordan.

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Laced up in his Air Jordan VII “Hare,” Bugs had no problem holding out on the court while dropping anvils and throwing pies. Jordan was no slouch either, diving down on his opponents left and right. In the end, Bugs and Jordan prevailed – and their newfound friendship would serve as a catalyst for Space jam years later.

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird – “Showdown” (McDonald’s, 1993)

Michael Jordan and Larry Bird watch a basketball court in a McDonald's commercial.

Honest question: would you play a game of HORSE, just for a Big Mac? Apparently, that’s what Jordan and Larry Bird did after Bird challenged Jordan to a shooting competition in this McDonald’s commercial.

In this fierce competition, Jordan and Bird tried to pull off all kinds of punches, with neither man giving up. The hits they made were all over the place, from behind the baseline to the top of the building. Although the winner was never shown, Jordan let Bird know on several occasions that there would be “nothing but the net”.

Joe Greene – “Hey Kid, Catch!” (Coca Cola, 1980)

A football player walks past a child with a Coke in an advertisement.

Joe Greene is arguably the greatest Pittsburgh Steeler of all time, known for his intimidating style of play. Hence the nickname Mean Joe Greene. However, this classic Super Bowl commercial shows a softer side of this NFL Hall of Fame.

Greene limped to the Steelers locker room through a tunnel when he passed a young boy. The boy told Greene he still thought he was the best, before offering him a bottle of Coke. Greene accepted the soda and drank the entire bottle, as the boy walked away, only for Greene to turn around and call the boy before throwing his swimsuit at him. The boy thanked Greene happily and Green smiled back, creating a very heartwarming moment.

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