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We want a correspondent in each village and hamlet, municipality and district of the department. We provide stationery, stamps etc. and will pay for them if they are used. We want the Jordan Independent for 1899 to be bigger and better than ever.

FW Wilkins, who for several months was a hustler and maid at the Merchants’ Hotel, took leave of the hotel last Thursday evening. Before leaving, however, he dressed in Carl Lundberg’s Sunday suit and overcoat. When Carl got home on Friday, he missed his clothes. Wilkins had left on Wednesday, when most decent people were asleep and no one had seen him leave or knew where he was going. Officer Fleisch is on the search and if found Wilkins will likely wear a striped suit.

It is with pleasure that this year we present a more refined holiday product line than ever at exceptionally low prices – Kehrer Drug Store.

Go to California? Our padded passenger cars are the best. Take the Scenic Line through Denver and Salt Lake City, or the South Line (no elevation or snow). Sleeper berths large enough for two people only $ 6. A driver and porter accompany the car to meet your needs. For more information, contact the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad or consult your agent.

For iron toys, wooden toys, dolls, pipes with amber mouthpieces, perfumes and more, check out our 5 and 10 cent counter at Earl Wood’s.


The idea of ​​the Christmas seal originated in Norway. The first seals sold in America in 1907 to help eradicate tuberculosis.

Our two schools close tomorrow for the two week vacation.

The Minnesota River has been ice free to a large extent during the recent mild weather, but the ice on the Millpond has not melted. Skating, the winter sport, was enjoyed by young and old.

We have reason to be proud of the Red Cross Roll Call in Jordan – a membership of 135. This is the best performance in Scott County and far surpasses St. Paul! Red Cross Christmas Seals are now on sale in all Jordan stores.

While chopping wood at Spring Brush Farm last Saturday, a small tree fell on Raymond Lough. Help was near and he was not seriously injured.

Beautifully colorful, beautifully shaped and busy – see our Christmas trees at Piere’s variety store.

Sylvia, daughter of Mr and Mrs Harold Menge, had tonsils removed at Kehrer Hospital and HH Wendell had hernia repair in hospital – both Saturdays. Miss Mary O’Day is the nurse in charge.

Lydia is looking forward to having a working sawmill and forge in the near future.

A State Game Commission field man recently seized numerous traps on Sutton Lake. It is alleged that they were loose.

Yesterday, the State Highway Commission sent out urgent orders to drag Trunk Highway No. 5 (Daniel Boone Trail) into Scott County. His condition is very bad and dragging him around would do a lot of good.

The children of Dooleyville School are training and preparing for a program that will be given at the school on Friday evening, December 23. Everyone is invited. Veronica Voight is the teacher.


The Christmas issue (16 full-size pages of the Jordan Independent were printed in red and green ink).

Merry Christmas from the Red and White – Faye, Pat, Dick.

Merry Christmas from Mertz Cafe – Clarence and Alice.

Merry Christmas from the White Front Bar – Don, Bernie, Fanny.

Karl’s Texaco Christmas Joy – Florian, Karl, Harvey Schwichtenberg; and Schmitt Oil Company – Chester Schmitt, Alvin Schwichtenberg and WJ Schmitt.

Happiest of Scott County Oil vacations – Peter Pauly, Roman Radermacher, Virgil Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jabs.

Greetings from Corner Bar – Joe and Mary Fischer; and Jordan Sash and Door Co. – Mike O’Day.

Merry Christmas from J. Stang, the Dodge and Plymouth dealership; the Dutch room, Alice and Jim Stephenson; and Krautkremer Hardware – HP Krautkremer and Howard Voigt.

Seasons Best of Len TV and Radio in the Jordan Hotel building.

Father Christmas visited last Saturday and distributed nearly 1,000 gift bags to young people at the Commercial Club and Jordan Theater party, where 10 cartoons were shown for their entertainment.

Other Christmas greetings from: Juni Hardware – Bill and Shan, Mary Sunder, Lucille Beckman, Joe Pitschneider and Don Ortlip; Morkrid dry cleaners; TF Adams Lumber; Jordan Motor – Lloyd Vormacka; Filling variety – Louis, Catherine and Lucille Kipp.

Wishing Peace on Earth from the Jordan Coffee Shop Hotel – Mrs. Ted Pekarna, Mrs. Clara Hartman, Marie Beckius, Mary Grady and Harriet Ruehling; and Huth’s United Grocery.


(This issue included 37 letters to Santa Claus and 58 announcements from Jordan and surrounding businesses.)

Jordan set a new blood donation record when the Red Cross Bloodmobile visited the community last week. A total of 98 pints of blood were collected. Of the 112 donors in Jordan who came to donate, 14 were deferred. There were 27 first donors. Five members were welcomed to the Gallon Club. They were Ms Virginia Pauly, Ms Sandra Elwood, Ms Florian Hentges, Fred Eimermann and Lanny Holzer. Ms. Mae Hafermann received a two gallon pin and Harry Kerkow received a three gallon pin.

Jordan’s fire department was called to the trailer yard on Sunday night around 6 p.m. when the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gansen’s trailer caught fire below. The fire did not get inside the house and the damage was limited to the smoke.

David Schlauderaft graduated from Mankato State College on Friday, December 17, with the new non-major Bachelor of Science degree. Other graduates from Jordan were Mary Flaschenreim, BS in Music Education, John Lucas, BS in Mathematics; Kathleen Simon (cum laude) BS in English, speech and drama.

How well are residents of Scott County managing their financial affairs? How much do they owe in installment debt. The region’s debt load is $ 1,430 per family, or about $ 119 per month, per family on average.

The Jordan Hubmen shot just 22% from the field for Norwood to push them 48-37.


The Mill Pond skating and warming house in Lagoon Park in Jordan will open to the public this weekend. Hours are Saturday, noon to 9 pm; Sunday, from noon to 9 p.m. and during the week, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The winners of the Holiday Decorating Contest, sponsored by the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, were: first place to Randy and LeeAnn Breggemann, $ 100; second to John and Sandy Elwood, $ 50; and third to Lee and Mary Rebstock, $ 24. The winning companies of $ 25 each went to L&K Cabinet and Jordan Wine and Spirits.

Francis K. Klingberg, 58, from Jordan, died on Wednesday December 11 at his home in Jordan. Klingberg was self-employed as a bulk milk transporter, having retired in 1980. He is survived by his wife, Delores, five sons and one daughter.

Robert P. Noterman, 76, of Jordan, died on Saturday December 14 at St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee. He cultivated in the Jordan region all his life.

Looking Back is compiled by the Jordan Historical Society. For more information, send an email to [email protected]

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