123 years ago, the saloonkeeper helps geese break free from ice | Jordan News


Joseph Grams and Michal Schutz asked saloonkeeper Schaumburg to go to the creek and help extract the geese from the ice. John Dietz helped with an ice chisel and tongs. Drinks on order at Schaumburg ever since.

All persons owning or occupying property are advised to clean sidewalks by municipal ordinance or the street commissioner will tax the property – George Schmitt, Mayor.

The Opéra des Nicolins has been equipped with electric lamps and will now be lit by fourteen 32-candle electric lamps. A big improvement over the old oil lamps.

Farm implements dealer Habegger has a nice batch of one- and two-seat cutters and sleds for sale.

The Millpond ice is now completely safe and kids can have fun skating.

A big Thanksgiving ball, free lunch and entertainment at the Nicolins Opera House tonight. Entrance 50 cents.

Artist Burfield has purchased the photo gallery and will be moving his family to Jordan.

Last Thursday evening, the joist and floor of the Nicolin living room caught fire from a faulty flue and, being underneath and invisible, the fire progressed considerably before being discovered. After extensive work with buckets, those present extinguished the fire. A spark remained invisible and when the living room opened the next morning another cute little fire had started. It was soon completely extinct.

School News – A few seats have been placed in the office for the convenience of those who are late. Tuesday, the majority of teachers preferred to eat a cold dinner wading in the snow. The first casualty in our sports department occurred when someone, through some unlucky practice, threw the basketball through the transom above the gym door. There is no doubt that athletic training increases our strength.


A very nice wedding on Tuesday morning where Ruth Beckius became the fiancée of Adam Eischens. They will settle in the groom’s farm near Benoît.

School News – All the students took advantage of the Armistice Day vacation, while the football team played a winning game, 7-6, with Le Sueur. “Put on new faces and everything from overalls to laces and hide with us” – an invitation to the boys and girls’ teachers for a party on Friday night 18.

Miss Gertrude Beckman and Theodore Pekarna, two of Jordan’s popular young people, joined in marriage in a very pretty wedding at St. John’s Church at eight o’clock on Tuesday morning. They will settle in Jordan.

The football season is over. We won three games and lost three. The team consisted of Sidney Nolden, Roy Mertens, Ted Casey, Henry Libra, Tony Schmitt, Henry Morlock, Ted Smith and Leonard Sachs.

Ms. Joseph Hartman has a five-room house and land for sale in Jordan.

Buyer HT Morlock shipped three wagons of pigs to St. Paul this week – last Thursday, Monday and Wednesday.

Our store is carefully stocked with mouth-watering foods for the Thanksgiving purchase – 3 cans of Farmhouse brand peas for 49 cents; can of salmon for 15 cents; canned pumpkin for 18 cents; a dozen oranges for 48 cents; cornflakes for 2/23 cents; special brand coffee 1 pound, 22 cents. Buy with VM Imm and Company, phone 92. Always at your service.

The Robert Yanke family moved from the Kipp house in Lower Town to Mrs. Smith’s residence near the Omaha depot.

The ladies of the Lutheran Congregation of Saint Paul invite the public to attend a sale of novelty pieces, aprons, homemade sweets, and more. Tuesday, November 29 afternoon and evening. A large part will be served.


Last week, Wednesday morning, a snowstorm and sleet wreaked havoc, with hundreds of miles of telephone and power lines covered in ice – in places four inches thick. Several communities had no service for several days. Minnesota Valley Electric and Northern States Power repair crews are currently very busy.

“The Best of Wine and Spirits” – shop at Jordan’s Liquor Store – Ernest W. Haverland.

Valleyview Hospital reached its peak of 24 patients this week.

On Wednesday November 14 at 4:30 p.m. there was another auto accident near the former Lough Farm, now owned by Jacob Schmitz on TH 169 near Oak Farm. Two cars met in a head-on collision, which damaged both at the scrap stage. The occupants are miraculously seriously unharmed.

Come see “Tarzan’s Peril” on November 20-21-22, starring Lex Barker, also a two-reel comedy. Next, Lassie appears in a thrill-filled “Painted Hills” in Technicolor, also with two-reel comedy and 23-24-25 football headlines.

Thanksgiving dance at Mertz Hall on Thursday Nov 22. Music by The Skinny Dutchmen.

Hubmen Oracle, A School Newspaper – Miss Dorothy Jindra of Montgomery begins her first year of teaching in the second and third grade room. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall, with black hair and blue eyes. Her favorite song is “Stardust” and she loves teaching here.

In Miss Nelson’s first and second years, James Heckenlaible, Carol Rerkow, Judy Koentoph, Diane and Rodney Morlock, Sherwood Peterson, Lorraine Scheller, David Steinbreker, James Zaun and Dennis Moe all scored 100% on their spelling tests.

In a pretty double ring ceremony, Marilyn LaVelle became the wife of Paul Wermerskirchen on November 6 in a church in Lakeville.


Next year will be a milestone for the city of Jordan. It will be its centenary as an independent government unit. Last week, lawyer Richard Menke discovered that he had in his possession the original documents officially incorporating Jordan as a village in 1872. Jordan became a city by law of the 27th Legislature of the State of Minnesota and approved by the Governor on March 11, 1891.

Frank J. Fuhrman, 77, of Jordan, died at Queen of Peace Hospital in New Prague on Thursday 18. He was apparently recovering satisfactorily after undergoing major surgery. He married Regina Schlauder and lived in Le Sueur and Jordan. He worked as a blacksmith by trade. Survived by his wife, Regina, two daughters Delores Dawson of Piru, California and Laura Wolf of Jordan. There are three grandchildren.

The November-December meeting of the Jordan Commercial Club will be held on Wednesday, December 1 at the Hub from 7 p.m. Eldred Stocker will show aerial slides of the Jordan area he took.

Citizens of Scott County will go to the polls on Tuesday, November 30, to vote in a special election on a proposed new county court that would be built on a new 20-acre site.

Jordan Mrs. Jaycees promises to provide a variety of information and activities for each participant. Dr. Paul Stahler will be the guest speaker on January 5. His presentation will focus on common diseases. The second session, on January 12, will focus on appropriate care in the management of children, presented by Ms. Lee Radermacher.

The 1971-1972 Jordan Hubmen basketball team opens its season on Tuesday, November 30, with a game at 8 p.m. in Henderson. Until this weekend, only two starting positions have been determined. They are held by John Undesser 6’11 ”, as center. The other three starting positions and the first three places are up for grabs according to coach Bob Latterell.


The 18th Annual Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service will be held on Wednesday, November 27 at 7:30 p.m. at St. John the Baptist Church.

They will once again present a giant cornucopia to fill with your food donations which will be donated to the Scott-Carver Food Shelf.

Jordan Community Theatre’s fall production “Murder Takes a Holiday” will be held at the Hub this Saturday and Sunday. Curtain time is at 7:30 p.m. On Saturdays, during intermission, an addition of wine and cheese will be offered to benefit the Community Theater Bursary.

Austin Sponsel, seven-year-old daughter of Sheila and Topper Sponsel, Jordan, will represent Minnesota at the Miss National Pre-Teen Petite pageant in Florida on November 29. Austin won the title of Miss Minnesota National Petite on May 26 in a contest at Northwestern College in Roseville.

In 1991, Paul Sunder was the editor of the Jordan Independent; Charlene Koepp, the office manager; and DM (Della) Liefer collected the news from the hometown. A one-year subscription in the county was $ 3.

St. John’s social studies teacher, Ms. Connie Mendez taught her grade six students the topic “I wish I could have lived in Jordan… because” after studying local history. Nineteen students submitted articles wishing to live in the 1800s or 1900s because “that would have been fun” or “I could have helped make things easier”.

Elder Sarah Cecka was named to the 1991 Minnesota River Conference All-Conference Volleyball Team. Junior Rachel Langsweirdt was named to the Honorable Mention Team.

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