13 Sky Wellness products named Worlds 2022 finalists

PHOENIX, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sky Wellness’ premium CBD product portfolio announced as a 2022 World CBD Awards finalist. The company’s Sky Wellness™ and CBDaF!™ brands have been recognized by the annual event as a top contender for honors in the Edibles, CBD Vapes, Topicals, and Extract-Based categories. And the two pet care brands D Oh Gee™ and EquineX® are the top challengers in the Pet Range category. In total, Sky Wellness has 13 products that are currently at the top of the price list.

Sky Wellness™ CBD Sleep Gummies SW 500mg 20ct + CBN + Melatonin
Sky Wellness™ CBD Immunity Softgels SW 750mg + 30ct CBG + Elderberry
Sky Wellness™ CBD Relax Tincture SW 1000mg Tropical Smoothie
Sky Wellness™ CBD Relax Vape Cartridge SW 225mg Blueberry
CBDaF!™ Gummies 600mg 30ct Fruit Flavors
CBDaF!™ Energy Softgels 600mg 30ct + CBG + Caffeine
CBDaF!™ Disposable Pen 200mg Pineapple Express IS
CBDaF!™ Disposable Pen 200mg Granddaddy Purple IS
CBDaF!™ Cartridge 1mL 400mg Pineapple Express
D Oh Gee™ Daily CBD Duck & Pumpkin Bites 10ct 50mg
EquineX® Full Spectrum CBD Horse Granules 12000mg
EquineX® Broad Spectrum CBD Horse Bites 600mg, 60ct

The World CBD Awards are an annual event that highlights excellent CBD and hemp products that have been deemed safe, compliant and effective. Brands from around the world are nominated and honors are given to “those who go the extra mile” to make the industry a safe and respected market; showing that they operate with integrity, transparency and ethical business practices,” according to the organization’s website. Of the many brands nominated this year, 160 were selected as finalists in 33 categories, with Sky Wellness holding four of these coveted positions.

The awards are based on a unique judging process that uses an independent panel of judges made up of scientists, doctors, and CBD/hemp industry professionals. Transparency and ethics are an important aspect of the judging method and brands are encouraged to send unbranded samples for blind testing to ensure a completely unbiased evaluation. The scoring matrix for each category breaks down as follows, allowing for an honest, accurate and fair assessment of each product:

30% – Result of the laboratory report
20% – Research committee report
20% – Physical tests (touch, smell, taste, texture and feel)
20% – Application and supporting documents
10% – Aesthetic and safety report

This year’s theme is “we can do better” and Sky Wellness’ collection of premium THC-free CBD products, including isolate and full-spectrum products, builds on this concept with a strong focus on high quality production, transparency in safety and testing results, and diligence with consumer education and product knowledge training for all of their retail partners. For their efforts, the company has received numerous awards and accolades since its launch in 2019, and the recognitions have also been reflected in the company’s sales which are experiencing triple-digit year-over-year growth.

“We are building a market-leading house of CBD CPG brands,” says Thom Brodeur, CEO of Sky Wellness. “The recognition of our hard work by important industry organizations such as the World CBD Awards, retail, CPG and CBD industry media, and the vote of confidence from our partners retail drives us to continue to keep our heads down to bring more product innovation. in the marketplace and to continue to increase transparency throughout the industry,” concluded Brodeur.

The World CBD Awards finalists will be announced at the official gala and awards ceremony to be held on Thursday, July 14, 2022 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as part of a 4-day industry event including a exhibition and conference. The events aim to bring together industry professionals with the aim of raising global business standards in the rapidly growing CBD industry. Overall, there is a projected growth of 32% CAGR year-over-year (compound annual growth rate) and a projected amount of $20 billion over the next 5 years.

Sky Wellness is the leading challenger brand in the CBD industry. With a portfolio of five brands: Sky Wellness™, CBDaF!™, D Oh Gee™, EquineX® and RipD, the company manufactures, markets and sells over 100 affordable, premium, THC-free, isolated and full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD products designed to improve health, improve well-being and empower people and their animals… To feel better. Every product is made from only the highest quality raw materials in the cleanest, safest and most certified facilities, all verified by rigorous third-party testing. Sky Wellness’ goal is to make customers feel better by maximizing wellness results through the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. Available online at skywellness.com and at nearly 3,600 convenience and specialty retail outlets nationwide. By the end of 2022, Sky Wellness’ portfolio of CBD brands will be available in more than 10,000 C-Stores, grocery stores, pharmacies and specialty retail stores across the United States and online through more than one dozen of the most popular CBD e-commerce sites and marketplaces.

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