‘A Kobe Bryant Superfan’s collection looked like priceless works of art in the Louvre’: An episode of Pawn Stars had Rick and Chum Lee looking at a basketball signed by Michael Jordan, Kobe and Phil Jackson

What do Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan have in common? They both played under Phil Jackson and won multiple championships

Nick, a super Kobe fan, has a crazy Kobe Bryant collection. Signed and match-worn pre-match shirts, posters and jackets make up the bulk of the collection. He also has sneakers worn by the game, all signed. But the crown jewel of the collection was a basketball in a display case.

This basketball has been signed by 3 of the biggest names in the game – The Black Mamba himself, Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan. Such an item is so rare that it could be a unique item. No price can be put on such a rare piece as the trio have been behind 11 championships since the 90s.

Chum Lee couldn’t contain himself in the presence of such rare items and had his way. He picked out a few interesting pieces, one of them being a wooden board from the last home game at the Forum Center. The other was an Allen Iverson Reebok Question Mid sneaker, from when the Mamba decided not to sign with any shoe company. The 11 items he chose were purchased for $40,000, a steal considering the effect this man had on basketball.

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Kobe Bryant was a legend on and off the court – his memories after his passing soared

Los Angeles legend Kobe Bryant was a legend because of his commitment and mentality. He made sure to give it his all and bring that Mamba mentality to every team he was on. #8 and #24 were different animals, one being a cutthroat and the other a sniper assassin.

It was this drive to be the best that drew fans to him – anything associated with him, fans want it. His passing makes his signature worth much more now. Is it immoral to sell a dead man’s signature for a bounty? Sure, but do you expect a pawnbroker to do business morally?

And when your name is Rick Harrison from Star pawns, you make sure you get the lowest possible for any collection. Fleece is an art, and Rick is a master of it. You can see it when he charges Chum Lee $19,000 for a single article. He paid 40,000 for 11 articles. The items are so rare and niche that there can be no price determinant. The only control is the amount a collector is willing to pay.

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