Amer “Al” Adi Discusses Reunion With His Family, Plans 3 Years After Deportation


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Three years and seven months after being deported to Jordan, local businessman Al Adi has returned to Youngstown.

Upon his return, he spent his time reuniting with family and friends for the first time in years.

“I think until we knew he was in the US we were just filled with mixed emotions and then when we found out he was actually here it was a crazy feeling,” he said. said Adi’s daughter, Lina Adi.

Full of smiles and surrounded by friends and family, Al Adi took to Phelps Street on Saturday to share his experiences on his return to town.

He said he was allowed to re-enter the United States on a humanitarian visa, also known as the emergency visa.

“It builds the base, or lays a base to continue filling out my papers to get my permanent residence and then my citizenship, hopefully in the future,” Adi said.

Al and his wife Fidaa Musleh said his lawyer David Leapold had more information on the exact process for applying for full US citizenship.

Leapold was not available for comment, but Adi said he was ready to take any action necessary.

He also plans to resume operations after owning the Downtown Circle Convenience Store and Deli for 39 years before being kicked out.

He’s considering his next project, which would be to turn the old pig iron press into a cigar lounge – but since his return he’s had a lot of work to do and nothing is set in stone yet.

One thing Adi is sure, now that he’s back, he doesn’t want to leave.

“Youngstown is my home and the people of Youngstown are my big family, which is why I am committed to Youngstown. I will never leave this town. I will always be there, ”Adi said.

He said his first priority upon his return was to be with his family, which is why he was not available for comment earlier.

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