Billionaire Michael Jordan hilariously stuck a new pair of Air Jordans in the chest of 12-year-old Chris Collins

In a 2016 interview, Northwestern University head coach Chris Collins reveals his first interaction with Michael Jordan.

There are two ways to know NBA legend Michael Jordan could turn heads wherever he went. The Bulls guard had a mystical aura around him, with people, including his peers, addressing him as Black Jesus and His Airness.

There will never be another superstar of the magnitude of MJ, having his opponents beaten by his mere presence. In the past, we’ve heard stories of All-Star players repeatedly like Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups revealing their first encounter with Air Jordans and being stunned.

It’s the attention the six-time champion has commanded, having everyone mute when he first met, including those around him. MJ’s rise came at a time when nations had opened their borders to globalization and liberalization, increasing the popularity of the Bulls guard tenfold.

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In a 2016 interview with Seth Davis of The Athletic, Chris Collin revealed his hilarious encounter with MJ in the locker room.

‘I was dumb, I didn’t know what to say, it was Michael Jordan’: Chris Collins recalls meeting the Bulls legend when he was 12.

Anyone who has followed MJ’s career knows of his close association with coach Doug Collins. The former Sixers player was instrumental in shaping Jordan’s flawless career, even ignoring the holistic game-winning approach for which he would eventually be replaced by Phil Jackson.

Nonetheless, being the son of veteran and former Bulls coach Doug Collins, one would imagine that Chris knows the world of the NBA well. However, that wasn’t the case when it came to Michael Jordan revealing an embarrassing moment, making him blush in front of the fourteen-time All-Star.

“My first game as a ballboy, I’m in the locker room, I’m a little standing on the sides, says Chris. He (MJ) comes in, and about 90 minutes before the game and he had the ritual of wearing new pairs of shoes every game and custom Jordans that they were molded in and then he would donate that pair to charity after the match. he would sign them, but I didn’t know any of that.

The former Duke University associate head coach added:

“So I’m like this little 12-year-old boy on the corner, he (MJ) doesn’t say anything, I just kinda stare at him without saying a word, he takes the brand new pair of Air Jordans and he just sticks them in my chest i thought he was giving me the shoes so thats great i get a pair of air jordans so i grab the box of air jordans i start putting it in my backpack which i bought for the game, he (MJ) said, ‘Hey what the hell are you doing’, I said, what do you mean sir? He said, “I want you to lace up for me so I can play with them tonight, he says you’re gonna be my guy to tie my shoes” and that became my job every game.

Truly, there will never be a more charismatic personality in American sports history than Michael Jordan.

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