Black Theater Coalition & COMPANY Announce Apprenticeship Program

Producers of the long-awaited revival of Stephen Sondheim Company, which opens this week, have announced a historic partnership with Black Theater Coalition, an organization dedicated to eradicating racial inequalities in the theater industry, in creating a Comprehensive, paid learning program for creators and management professionals pursuing careers in theater. The apprentices are Jordan Fleming in production, Siobhan Peterson in management, Brandi Knox in business management, TaNisha Fordham in production, Dwayne “DJ” Fralin in lighting design, Damian Jöel in costume design, Bobbie Lee Crow III in direction musical and Twi McCallum in sound design.

Recognizing the under-representation of BIPOC professionals in the commercial theater industry, this paid learning program has been dedicated to promoting and maintaining a culture of equity, diversity, access and inclusion while providing extensive and invaluable training in commercial theater.

BTC is working with several branch offices to use this learning program model on upcoming Broadway productions.

Producer Chris Harper commented, “We have been honored to partner with BTC for this learning program. Apprentices have been an integral part of bringing society back to the Jacobs as we all work to advance the goal of creating permanent change in our industry. “

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