Bulls All-Star, dubbed the next Michael Jordan, once publicly rocked Kanye West’s shoes despite NBA ban

Basketball and iconic sneakers go hand in hand. Whether it’s Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, all of these stars have their own signature shoes. However, there are some instances where the league decides to take action against certain types of footwear.

Adidas and hip-hop star Kanye West go way back in time. Kanye’s Yeezy shoes are known all over the world and he decided to bring them to the NBA. Kanye and his team have been designing a shoe for three years and when the time came to finally release them, it didn’t go as planned.


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The shoes were called “blinding” by the league association and they were immediately banned. Many stars like Donovan Mitchell, John Wall and Zach LaVine were ready to rock the shoes. Interestingly enough, LaVine was one of the first NBA stars to sign with the shoe company and the announcement was made by Kanye West himself.

Although the shoes were banned, Zach LaVine defied the odds and wore them during the 2020 All-Star weekend. Plus, he influenced Brandon Ingram to do the same. Ingram followed in the Chicago Bulls star’s footsteps and wore the banned Yeezys in his first-ever All-Star match.

Why is Zach LaVine called the next Michael Jordan?

Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan is widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. He has six NBA titles to his name alongside countless other individuals honors.

#23 Chicago Bulls All-Star forward Michael Jordan files for photos. (Photo by Tom Berg/WireImage)

Filling the legendary MJ’s shoes is no joke, and Zach LaVine was seen by many as his successor. Despite their differences, the two players have a few things in common.

LaVine is one of the best players on the Bulls roster currently alongside DeMar DeRozan. Additionally, in his first All-Star game, he scored nine points in the first half. In contrast, MJ scored seven in his first 22 minutes.


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Although it might be a long shot to call LaVine the next GM, who knows what the future holds. Another interesting similarity between the two is that LaVine and Michael Jordan wore prohibited shoes on the court.


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