Buy it for life: 138 durable products that work regardless of age (new photos)

They certainly don’t do things the way they used to. We’ve heard this before, but it’s ridiculous how true it is. In general, the quality of the products we buy is less good (often on purpose) than in the past. What we talk about planned obsolescence, shoddy craftsmanship, or just plain old bends from greed, it’s frustrating to see your furniture, technology, and tools break down in just a few seasons. The environment and our wallets end up paying the price.

However, it is inspiring to finally find products that stand the test of time and continue to perform well. Decade after decade. After a decade. It’s there that the r/BuyItForLife (aka BIFL) subreddit A community of nearly 1.1 million redditors, it’s a space where people have been sharing photos and recommendations of “practical, durable, quality products that are made to last” since the subreddit’s inception in August 2011.

Scroll down for the best from r/BuyItForLife and for some awesome inspiration in case you need a new fridge, thermos, or just about anything else for life. In the meantime you will find bored panda previous articles on the subreddit here: Part 1 and Part 2.

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