Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan fight over their shoes in a hilarious 1994 Nike commercial: “Can you do that in your shoe, Mr. I-Don’t-Play-Anymore?”

Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan were very close when they played in the NBA. Both players stood out from the 1984 NBA Draft class and went on to become some of the greatest players in NBA history.

Jordan and Barkley would go down in history together in 1992, when they were part of the iconic ‘Dream Team’ of the 1992 US team that won Olympic gold in Barcelona and did so in a dominant fashion.

The following year, the two friends would face off in the 1993 NBA Finals, as Barkley won his first MVP and led the Suns to the final against the two-time reigning NBA champions Chicago Bulls. Barkley and the Suns fought well, but couldn’t beat the Bulls.

Jordan assisted the Chicago Bulls in three rounds, but it seemed like his last NBA accomplishment. Jordan announced his retirement from basketball after the series and prepared to pursue professional baseball.

While Jordan’s absence from the game was huge, his presence was still there with his shoes on. Although MJ did not play, Jordan shoes were still the most popular in the league. In what could have been an attempt to create a new star, Charles Barkley received his own shoe from Nike.

In a hilarious 1994 commercial, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan opened up about their respective shoes, arguing which one is better. Barkley hilariously remarked if Jordan could dunk like him in his shoes, calling him “Mr. I do not play anymore’.

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