Daniel Kaluuya ‘fell off the chair’ when Stormzy checked him out by name at the 2018 Brit Awards

Daniel Kaluuya is an accomplished, Oscar-winning movie star. But the British actor is still quite humble. And he recently revealed he felt so smitten by Stormzy’s mention of him during a performance that he literally fell out of his chair.

Daniel Kaluuya has won numerous awards, including BAFTAs

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Kaluuya started her career in 2006 with a small role in the BBC drama, Shoot the messenger. He then appeared in several British television series, including Skins, silent witness, That Mitchell and Webb look, Harry and Paul, Previewsand FM.

The actor hit the stage in 2010, playing the lead role in the Royal Court Theater production of Sucker Punch. And in the following years he starred in many films, including Johnny English is reborn, kick ass 2and Sicario.

After Kaluuya’s performance in an episode of Netflix black mirror caught the eye of Jordan Peele, the actor was cast in the lead role in the filmmaker’s hit film in 2017, get out. The film is a critical and commercial success. It earned Kaluuya several accolades, including a Best Actor Oscar nomination and similar recognition at the Golden Globes and SAG Awards. At the 2018 BAFTAs, Kaluuya received a Rising Star Award.

In 2021, he wowed audiences with his portrayal of Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah. For his performance, Kaluuya won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and a SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Daniel Kaluuya fell out of his chair when Stormzy mentioned his name

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In 2018, Stormzy performed at the BRITs. And towards the end of his performance, the British rapper checked Kaluuya’s name and acknowledged his BAFTA win.

In a recent appearance on The hottest, Kaluuya talked about winning that first BAFTA. But he noted that it was even more exciting to hear Stormzy mention his name.

“I love watching musical performances,” he told host Sean Evans. “So I was at home watching the BRITs – and I’m like, ‘Oh, [Stormzy’s] do a freestyle.’ And then I heard my name, and I just fell off the chair.

Kaluuya called the moment “epic”. And he noted that it was something he dreamed of. “You can’t buy that,” he explained. “It was always a dream. You always want to be controlled by the rappers. And that’s cool… Big up Stormzy for that.

Daniel Kaluuya has always been a huge Stormzy fan

L: Daniel Kaluuya | Jeff Spicer/FilmMagic, R: Stormzy | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kaluuya is a music enthusiast who has been outspoken about his support for British artists. In 2017, before the BRIT Awards name check, he professed his love for Stormzy’s album, Gang signs and prayer. He revealed that he rehearsed the rapper’s collab with Wretch 32, “21 Gun Salute.”

“Favorite song on Stormzy’s album,” Kaluuya told Interview Magazine. “The miserable chant makes too much sense. It was on a loop for the whole month of March.

In 2018, weeks before the BRITs aired, Stormzy joined Kaluuya and co-star Chadwick Boseman for the London premiere of Marvel’s Black Panther. Kaluuya’s next film, Nopehits theaters July 22.

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