Eveline’s Biggest Secret In Resident Evil 7 Has Nothing To Do With Horror

A secret recently discovered in Resident Evil 7 reveals that Eveline may have had some interesting hobbies. resident Evil fans will know Eveline as a central figure in Capcom’s seventh installment of its beloved horror franchise, who would eventually become the game’s final boss. RE7 as a refreshing return to form after Resident Evil 6The more action-oriented story seemingly hijacked the series from its horror roots.


Many factors contributed to the success of 2017 Resident Evil 7not the least of which was Capcom’s decision to refocus the series on horror rather than the action-heavy themes of resident evil 5 and 6. The shift from first-person gameplay, as opposed to Resident Evil 4The established third-person camera of, while spectacular, was also a refreshing experience for RE Veterans. However, while most fans will celebrate Resident Evil 7The technical achievements of and return to horror, one of the most underrated contributions to its success is in the presentation of its villains. Unlike the mindless monstrosities and powerful egos of previous titles, RE7 villains, like Miranda and the Baker family, often had unsettling and tragic dimensions to their characters. This approach provides opportunities for carefully placed visual secrets that could potentially reveal more about the villain’s personalities and habits.

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Reddit user I_bought_at_the_top discovered such a humanizing secret about Resident Evil 7Eveline’s final boss. In the Old House section of RE7, where protagonist Ethan Winters must acquire a D-series arm, Ethan will come across a drawer full of sneakers from unfortunate victims. As the Old House is where Eveline once resided, it’s possible she had a penchant for collecting sneakers. Interestingly, the shoe designs were identified by I_Bought_At_The_Top as Jordan 4s, indicating that Eveline had good taste in athletic footwear. I_Bought_At_The_Top jokingly priced the collection at around $6,000, while several comments questioned why anyone would wear expensive sneakers in swampy terrain.

Eveline from Resident Evil 7 was a fan of Jordans

The overall design of Resident Evil 7 has produced many secrets for players to discover. Same Resident Evil 7The eerie theme song contains deeper meaning for Ethan Winters and the overall plot. Although how she acquired it might be morbid to think about, Eveline’s sneaker collection adds a human element to the tragic bio-experiment that would be impossible for iconic abominations like the Nemesis or MX However, in reason for the more human presentation of RE7The villains of , visual appeals, like Eveline’s sneakers, can give a glimpse of her childish, yet self-destructive innocence. That’s not to say that visual backgrounds were never used in this way in previous entries, as one of the original’s most memorable settings Resident Evil 2 were Chief Irons’ taxidermy and torture chambers, which alluded to his sadistic and corrupt nature.

It’s pretty common that many of the best games still have a few secrets to uncover years after release, and Resident Evil 7 is no different. With Resident Evil 7 As one of Capcom’s best-selling games, it’s no surprise that gamers continue to find little Easter eggs like Eveline’s sneaker collection in her horror-filled houses. After the continued success of resident Evil villains with Lady Dimitrescu and her offspring, I hope Capcom can continue the trend set by the tragic Eveline and the rest of the Resident Evil 7 antagonists in his next big entry.

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