“Factory error turned $160 shoe into $143,000 Air Jordan!” : not all flaws are bad, because this Shattered Backboard 2.0 is now a museum piece

Air Jordans sell all over the world – one particular pair that appeared in Italy had a flaw that doesn’t exist in any other pair.

In the fall of 2016, the Jordan brand abandoned its second iteration of the Shattered Backboard. This sneaker was a shoe that mimicked the iconic Chicago colorway, only for the red to be orange. If the former was a nod to black toes, these were at the Chicago.

Everyone lined up at their nearest footlocker, champions, Stockx, and so on to grab a pair. Just like Andrea Canziani from Italy. Born and raised in Italy, he loved shoes like everyone else. But when he brought his pair home, he saw something unique. He had a pair that had an inverted swoosh – a factory flaw that foreshadowed Travis Scott’s obsession with it.

When he received the pair he was disappointed as he was the only one with faulty shoes – you can’t wear them. But as he let them percolate and figured out what to do with them, he started to gain traction and the offers started pouring in. and white basketball.

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Air Jordans are a cultural staple in the sneaker world – their longevity is incredible for something that’s just a commodity

You see, For Andrea had a resale/consignment store in Milan, the first of its kind in the city. As a new business, he was looking for ways to bring his store into his store, and he was looking straight at it, reverse swoosh and all. He immediately put it in an acrylic case and bumped it into the middle of the shop and saw the footfall steadily increase.

In a world that demands the utmost perfection (with so many counterfeits, every stitch counts), this was a breath of fresh air. He had all the receipts to prove he had purchased an original pair – the defect was direct from the factory. Nike usually has stringent quality checks, so this is a true one in a million pair.

Fast fashion and the obsession with Michael Jordan meant that any chance of owning a rare piece of history would be seized. Andrea has no plans to resell the pair that brought her shop to life but values ​​them at around $143,000.

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