“How he played made me feel a certain way”

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant heaped praise on Michael Jordan on Wednesday, saying the legend made him want to watch basketball.

Kevin Durant explains how Michael Jordan made him want to watch basketball

During the Podcast “Book of Basketball 2.0”Kevin Durant spoke about the influence of Michael Jordan:

“Yeah, it was huge. His popularity was huge. You know, the shoes, the ads, it was all huge. But more than anything, the way he played made me feel a certain way – like, you know, made me want to watch the game.

Jordan averaged an NBA-record 30.1 points per game and won six championships in 15 seasons.

Jordan was known for his ability to score from anywhere, anytime. Durant is known for the same. Durant’s ability to create a shot out of almost nothing is a lot like what MJ was doing. Although Jordan played with more flair and liked the spotlight more than Durant, their scoring abilities are similar.

Durant is averaging 29.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game this season. His stats are close to Jordan’s career averages – yet another similarity.

Sure, KD, with two championships, is several short of Jordan’s six, but that doesn’t take away from his offensive prowess. Jordan won 10 titles in 11 full seasons (of 13) with the Chicago Bulls. Durant has four.

Jordan’s scoring ability is still unmatched, regardless of how similar the current players are to the NBA’s GOAT. He may not have the 3-point shooting ability that players like Durant have, but he still had a great shot from distance.

MJ also had an incredible ability to get the ball over defenders he perhaps shouldn’t have scored on. No matter the numbers, the pressure or the position, it seemed like if Jordan wanted the ball in, he did.

Durant is similar when he gets into his groove. He gets that shot where you know the ball is cash the moment it leaves his hands. Plus, it often happens when his team needs it the most.

While arguably still below Jordan’s caliber, his attitude and style of play remains similar.

Durant played one season in college, with the University of Texas. Jordan led North Carolina to a national title in 1992 as a freshman, the first of three college years.

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