I’m a huge Dollar Tree fan and there are 21 products you should ALWAYS buy there, including goodie bags, bleach, and balloons.

A DOLLAR Tree super fan has revealed over 20 items shoppers should buy when visiting the low-cost store.

Shoppers can afford balloons, bleach and goodie bags for the fraction of the price quoted by store rivals.


A super Dollar Tree fan has revealed a list of items that get your money’s worthCredit: Getty

Customers can grab a 12-inch pizza pan for just over a dollar, whereas it could cost up to $4 at Target.

An eight-inch cake pan is only $1.25 at the dollar store.

And, phone chargers at dollar stores are likely to be 20 times cheaper than the price on the high street.

Families can pick up a 24-piece children’s puzzle for $1.25, while families could pay upwards of $27 at Walmart.

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Shoppers can also purchase carpet cleaners, Pine-soil, vases and Tupperware boxes at low prices.

The Sun revealed products that get your money’s worth when you shop at Dollar Tree.


Dollar Tree can’t help you wrap gifts better, but it can help you give gifts better without spending too much.

You can find a wide variety of gift bags and boxes, in addition to tissue or shredded paper, to prepare the perfect gifts for anyone in your life.


There are also tons of Hallmark greeting cards in stores to complete and present with a sentimental note.

This tip counts extra during the holidays, when you’ll also find cheap seasonal cards and packs.

Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at DealNews.com, said GoBankingTariffs“It never fails to amaze me how expensive greeting cards can be in some stores.”


Those planning a party can make huge savings because helium balloons are only $1 at the store, according to Chloe Choe, owner of Off Hour Hustle.

Buyers can purchase foil balloons online and they can be inflated at no additional cost at their local Dollar Tree store.

But, they should call the store manager before showing up as helium supplies may be limited.


Nunzio Ross, who is the CEO of Majesty Coffee, revealed that unbleached and bleached coffee filters cost “significantly less” at a dollar store compared to rivals such as Target or walmart.

Buyers could end up spending up to five times as much.


Dollar Tree shoppers will be able to choose from the wide range of glasses available.

Customers can purchase glasses for shots, champagne and wine.

Or they can just stock up on plastic cups if they’re buying in bulk before a house party.

Ramhold said dollar stores are a “great place” to buy glasses.


Dollar Tree picture frames may not be of the exact same quality as frames you may find elsewhere, but that doesn’t really make a difference.

These frames, although they cost $1, look nearly identical to the alternatives you’d pay at least $5 for elsewhere.

Before buying, always make sure the frame is in good condition.

Buyers should verify that the hook and/or bracket on the back work properly and support the weight of the frame.


A standard pack of anti-scratch scouring pads might run Target shoppers around $5.

But, at Dollar Trees, dish sponges can be found in packs of six and they’re only a dollar.


Dollar Tree has a treasure trove of handy cleaning supplies.

Kathryn, organization expert, who runs the Do It On a Dime YouTube account, revealed some of his favorites.

In one of her clips, she used a $1.25 container of Clorox disinfectant bleach to clean her bathtub.

She explained: “I pour it all out and do a few cycles through the jets to get all that gunk out.

“Such an inexpensive way for a dollar to get a clean, refreshed tub.”


Hummingbird feeders are only $1.25, and families can pick up four for just $5.

Bird feeders are extremely easy to install and are very durable, according to Dollar Tree.

Meanwhile, a 16oz hummingbird feeder at Walmart could cost up to $4.


Mesh colanders are essential for those who work in bakeries, kitchens and around the home.

The tool, made of metal and plastic, can be used for washing vegetables and sifting flour.

Per unit, this valuable kitchen equipment costs only $1.25.

For those who love to cook, a cooling rack is also available for just $1.25


A dustpan and brush set is essential for picking up crumbs in the kitchen and dust that accumulates around the house.

The pan and brush nest together for easy storage.

It has a rubber edge so that dust and dirt particles can be swept off floors and shelves.

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The Sun revealed how a TikToker used Dollar Tree products to make a DIY car air freshener.

Meanwhile, a worker revealed shoppers shouldn’t buy frozen food while at the store.

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