‘I’m trying to inherit the ghost of Michael Jordan pulling his fadeaway with the clock ticking’: DeMar DeRozan in his 1st year with the Bulls

DeMar DeRozan provides insight into his freshman year with the Chicago Bulls and chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan.

Although they flopped in the playoffs, the Chicago Bulls look to have a bright future, having built a formidable roster, featuring multiple-time All-Stars DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic, coupled with the likes of Lonzo Ball, Alex Caruso, and Ayo Dosumno.

The Windy City side finished the 2021-22 season as the 6th seed with a 46-36 record. The biggest takeaway of the season was DeRozan, who may have just risen to superstar status. In his first year with the Bulls, Deebo had an MVP-caliber season, bringing him back into the spotlight.

DeRozan made his 5th All-Star appearance after a 4-year gap. The Bulls forward added a new side to his game, showcasing the clutch gene on multiple nights, the first player to hit 3-point batsmen in consecutive games. The 32-year-old’s mid-range shot has become his uncontrollable signature.

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During a recent appearance on The Draymond Green Show, Deebo talked about playing for an iconic franchise like the Bulls and inheriting Michael Jordan‘s iconic sweater.

DeMar DeRozan wishes he had Michael Jordan’s clutch gene.

There is enough evidence to suggest DeRozan’s ability to deliver in critical time. The 6″ 6′ forward often relied on his elite mid-range clutch moments. With 5-buzzer batsmen, Deebo tops the list for the 2021-22 season. The Bulls superstar was 53.7% from the field in the 4th quarter this season.

During his recent interaction with Draymond Green, DeRozan opened up about his clutch kick and the pressure of playing in the Air Jordan house.

“Yo, I’m trying to inherit Michael’s ghost pulling his fadeaway as time goes by,” Deebo said.

“You see Scottie (Pippen) and Michael. You see Bob Love. You see those jerseys up there, and you hear that music when you go out, it’s the same thing. You have to be up to it.

“It makes me trip even driving there, like parking outside. I remember seeing all the highlights of Jordan in the day while parking outside. So for me, every time I go there, I feel it. I’m not even going to lie,” DeRozan said on Green’s podcast. “You just feel like you have to bring it every night, especially for these fans.”

Filling MJ’s shoes is no joke, whether it’s his clutch ability or his personality. The six-time champion still holds the record for the most no’s. winning buzzer-beaters in NBA history at age 9. So it will be interesting to see if DeRozan can catch the ghost of His Airness.

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