Jessica Willis Fisher gets her voice back in daring ‘Fire Song’

There have been many moments over the past few months where Jessica Willis Fisher wondered if she was doing the right thing by stepping out of country music’s door with her ultra-powerful “Fire Song.”

“I was just talking about it with my husband this morning,” the soft-spoken but powerful singer told Taste of Country in a recent interview about her first solo single. “I totally believe it was the right decision.”

Premiering exclusively on Taste of Country, the lyric video for “Fire Song” gives listeners a glimpse into the powerful woman who has risen from her ashes in recent years, after her famous family, the Willis Clan, became entangled in a tragic set of circumstances that could have left Fisher just a shell of who she once was.

But instead, she finds herself stronger than ever.

And you can hear that force all over “Fire Song”.

“It’s probably the boldest song on the whole album,” Fisher says of the song, which she co-wrote alongside Grammy Award winner Jon Randall. “I was thinking, what’s the first thing I want to say? And, you know, I haven’t said anything about what I’ve been through, so in a way, this song is about that. This song reflects that chapter and how dangerous and scary it was and what was asked of me to move on to that new chapter. Getting to this place was no walk in the park. It was heartbreaking, and I think this song reflects that.

Admittedly, “Fire Song” is only a piece of history, as Fisher plans to release his first solo album, new day, April 13.

“The whole album is bold and strong, and kind of had to be,” says Fisher, whose American roots paired with his love of bluegrass mesh perfectly in his music. “I want to be authentic, and I want to be truthful, and I really want to accomplish something with a deep purpose with my music.”

Fisher points out that the album has “lighter, softer, more delicate” moments for fans.

“This album and these songs are kind of like a complete calendar wheel,” says Fisher, who wrote just eight of the ten songs on the upcoming album. “There is something for every moment of life. Wherever you are, you can find something in there.

But for now, “Fire Song” is the story that Fisher not only wants to tell, but needs to tell.

“Right before I left, I was having these nightmares that the house was on fire and I was the only one who could tell, and everyone was going about their normal lives,” recalls Fisher, whose father was arrested and jailed in 2016 for the sexual abuse of her and her siblings. “I was screaming, ‘Wake up! Wake up! We have to get out! And I realize now that was me, trying to say to myself, ‘We have to get out of here!’ »

She pauses.

“At the time, it was like there was a part of me saying to the other part of me, ‘We gotta get out of here,'” Fisher says quietly. “So now I am that figure that lights the fire and issues the warning and escaped…and survived.”

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