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At a hearing before U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil on October 6, Jordan Fishman changed his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty” to one count of drug forgery and bad branding in the March 2020 federal case that saw more than two dozen trainers, vets and others indicted in connection with a racehorse doping ring.

Fishman, 63, said he had no connection to veterinarian Dr Seth Fishman, who is also under indictment and with whom he had a working relationship. Jordan Fishman said he had a doctorate in carcinogenesis and toxicology.

According to his October 6 testimony, Fishman said from 2017 to March 2020 that he formulated mislabeled and falsified drugs according to Seth Fishman’s instructions. Seth Fishman provided the materials and instructions, he said, and Jordan Fishman followed the directions to compose what he said were vitamins, amino acids, nutraceuticals, steroids, and anti-inflammatories. . Jordan Fishman admitted to shipping the finished product to Seth Fishman’s base in Florida and sometimes overseas, although he did not specify where. (Seth Fishman is known to have business contacts in the United Arab Emirates, according to court documents.) These products, he said, were sent to Seth Fishman in unlabeled containers, as he said that Seth preferred to do the labeling himself.

Jordan Fishman said the products were distributed by Seth Fishman through his company called Equestology. He said he was initially unaware that the products he was making were specifically for thoroughbred racehorses, although he did know that Seth Fishman’s business involved racehorses.

Prosecutors have revealed that had the case been tried, they would have presented evidence of wiretapping of Seth Fishman’s phone, evidence of a Dropbox account used to store equestology-related documents, as well as emails exchanged between the two men who recognized an investigative interest in their activities. of the Food and Drug Administration.

Jordan Fishman was based in Massachusetts, where he was president and majority shareholder of Twenty First Century Biochemicals. The company specializes in producing personalized “peptides and amino acids” according to documents filed in a civil action by Seth Fishman against Jordan Fishman and Twenty First Century Biochemicals. In the lawsuit, which was filed two months after federal indictments, Seth Fishman accused Jordan Fishman of falsely inflating stock values ​​in the 21st century and failing to repay loans or do prepaid work. This lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, said Seth Fishman had paid at least $ 1.25 million to Jordan Fishman’s company since their partnership began in 2011. This case has been settled out of court in January 2021.

Jordan Fishman will face a conviction in February 2022. By law, the maximum prison sentence he can face is three years with up to one year of supervised release. Financial penalties under the law could include a fine of $ 10,000, double the financial gain for Fishman, or double the cost to victims, whichever is greater. Lawyers said they had reached a deal with Fishman that they would seek no more than 12 to 18 months in federal prison and a fine of between $ 5,500 and $ 55,000, although the deal does not oblige the judge to limit his sentence to these terms.

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