Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer talk about working with Daniel Kaluuya

With the release date of Jordan Peele’s latest horrifying thriller Nope Just around the corner, curiosity for what the movie has in store is at an all-time high. Now Peele and Nope Star Keke Palmer spoke about what it’s like to work with Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya.

In recent years, Peele has earned a reputation for his heartbreaking films get out and We. get out, Peele’s 2017 directorial debut, cast Kaluuya in the lead role as a photographer who visits his girlfriend’s family on a trip that quickly turns sour. Peele’s societal metaphors and Kaluuya’s haunting performance etched the film in the minds of viewers, and the two will collaborate again in Peele’s new creation, Universal’s Nope.


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A recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter puts Kaluuya and her career in the spotlight. The interview covers a wide range of topics, including the ambiguity of Nope, Kaluuya’s success since her first collaboration with Peele, and what the future holds. The interview also gave those who have worked with Kaluuya the chance to describe what it’s like to work with the Oscar-winning actor. Palmer, who will play Emerald Haywood, Kaluuya’s sister, in Peele’s Nope, revealed that her relationship with Kaluuya is very similar to their characters. “Our dynamic is like brother and sister,” Palmer said. “I have a genuine admiration for him which most of the time comes across as a tease. He is very nice as an actor. He really has incredible instincts and trusts them. Palmer mentioned that she and Kaluuya often hang out at odds and expressed her gratitude for being able to work with Kaluuya on the Peele project, which was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kaluuya also received praise from Peele after playing the lead role for the second time. “Daniel is my favorite actor of all time, and after working on a few things apart and then coming back together, it was just a reminder of that special working bond we have together,” Peele said. Peele went on to praise Kaluuya’s performance, calling him “the type of artist who doesn’t need words to communicate”. He also calls Kaluuya “tremendously watchable” and compliments Kaluuya’s “powerful stillness”. Peele said, “He’s someone who, in those quiet moments, draws the audience in more.”

Along with the praise of his collaborators, Kaluuya also had wonderful things to say about his colleagues. “I really care about original movies and original content, and even making a movie like this with Keke Palmer in the lead, me in the lead, Jordan as the director at that level of budget and it being original – it’s so important for this movie to connect,” Kaluuya said. Throughout his interview, Kaluuya cited the personal importance of selecting projects that were original and made him feel fulfilled no matter how long he was on screen. Either way, Kaluuya says he prioritizes the quality of the film.

Kaluuya noted the whirlwind of his career since the 2017 premiere of get out. Since then, Kaluuya has starred in Black Panther, widows, Queen and Slim, and Judas and the Black Messiah, which won him an Academy Award. With a few projects currently underway, including a few under his 59% Productions banner, Kaluuya noted that he eventually wants to spend less time in front of the camera. He said that as an actor, “people are going to project everything onto you”, but he appreciates the meaning people attach to his work. “The fact that someone wants to give it meaning is a gift. It’s not for me to control.”

Nope released in theaters on July 22, 2022.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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