Jordan Peele Finally Reveals What The New Nope Movie Is About

After months of retaining details about the film’s content, Nope director Jordan Peele reveals the central themes of his new horror flick.

Jordan Peele Finally Reveals More Details About What His New Film Is About Nope is about. Nope is the director’s third feature film, marking a new entry in his horror-film-turned-social-commentary filmography. Nope brings back get out star Daniel Kaluuya in one of OJ Haywood’s leading roles, alongside Keke Palmer, who plays OJ’s sister, Emerald. Nope also features performances by Brandon Perea, Michael Wincott, Steven Yeun and Barbie Ferreira.

In the months leading up to the release of Nope, details of the film have been largely kept under wraps. For a while, the eerie but cryptic initial trailers didn’t even reveal what the supernatural terror was in the sky. The Nope The marketing campaign consisted of a series of ominous trailers and posters, including chilling motion capture posters in June. Since then, it has been clarified that Nope indeed focuses on UFO activity. Over time, bits of the film’s plot and character details have been featured, including a matchstick of Kaluuya Nope character and a trailer that seemed to flesh out more details about the film’s plot.


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Now Peele is finally giving more details about Nopethe themes and details of the story, according to Empire (Going through Movie Slash). When asked what Nope was on point, Peele replied first “Nope!‘ in a joking retort, but ended up revealing more specific details about the film. Peele revealed that he intended to do a “spectacle” with Nope which would be “put an audience in the immersive experience of being in the presence of a UFO.” He leaned into this show and what drove it. Thematically, Peele highlights the central relationship between OJ and Emerald in the film, noting that Nope also concernsa brother and a sister, and heal their relationship.Check out Peele’s full quote:

“Nope! [Laughs] No, no, I can answer that. If I can’t, I’m in the wrong place, aren’t I? I started out wanting to make a film that would put an audience in the immersive experience of being in the presence of a UFO. And I wanted to do a show, something that would promote my favorite art form and my favorite way of looking at that art form: the theatrical experience. When I started writing the screenplay, I started digging into the nature of spectacle, our addiction to spectacle, and the insidious nature of attention. So that’s what it’s all about. And it’s about brother and sister and the healing of their relationship.

Daniel Kaluuya in Jordan Peele's Nope

NopeThe emphasis on the relationship between brother and sister is not a complete surprise. Kaluuya previously revealed that his Nope the character was separated from her sister in the film. In the trailer, Emerald returns to the California ravine town after the death of her and Kaluuya’s father. This setup provides a natural breeding ground for fractures and repairs within an already unstable sibling relationship, which makes this particular thematic plot logical. The particular emphasis on “the nature of the show” and “the insidious nature of attention”, however, is a new thematic revelation from Peele. These thematic ideas give new meaning to the UFOs revealed in recent trailers. While knowing that the inhabitants of the Nope The city actually experiences that UFO behavior is nothing new at this point, Peele’s thematic impetus for their inclusion sheds fascinating new light on the meanings present within Nope.

So it looks like Nope will officially be another mature Peele film with social commentary. Through focus and spectacle, and by extension media attention, Peele scrutinizes a facet of horror and his own favorite art form. Knowing these themes, however, does not reveal very specific details about the specific storylines within Nope, but rather reframes the plot teases than audiences whose audiences have already been sensitized. Peele still has many surprises in store for you with Nopeprobably keeping the audience on the edge of their seats like it did with the twists in get out and We. As viewers keep these themes in mind Nope, Hopefully this will lay the groundwork for an interesting discussion about the film after its release.

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Source: Empire (via Slash Movie)

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