Kuwait suspends flights to Iraq after attack on

Kuwait announced the suspension of flights to Iraq for a period of one week from Sunday January 30. This follows a rocket attack targeting Baghdad International Airport.

For their part, the Iraqi authorities announced that an attacker had been arrested.

Kuwait Airways revealed in a statement on Saturday that flights to Iraq have been temporarily suspended following instructions from the Kuwait Civil Aviation Authority due to current conditions in Iraq.

Last week, six rockets hit Baghdad airport, damaging two commercial planes belonging to Iraqi Airways, the main national airline. This marked an escalation in rocket and drone attacks often targeting the United States and its allies, as well as Iraqi government institutions. Iran-backed militias were blamed for the attacks.

Iraqi authorities said in a statement on Saturday that they had arrested an individual believed to be behind the airport attack. The person was arrested at a checkpoint near the northern province of Kirkuk.

No further details were provided in the statement.
Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi urged the international community not to impose restrictions on travel to Iraq after the attack. Meanwhile, Iraqi Airways said the attack caused no disruption and flights would continue.

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