“Man, I left that job so fast! I just couldn’t do it” – Michael Jordan shares his experience in his first job outside of basketball – Basketball Network

Michael Jordan

Before Michael Jordan‘s basketball skills paved the way for him to earn millions and achieve all-time world status, he had to contribute to the family budget like everyone else in the house. During his childhood years, Michael’s family was not so well off as he climbed the social ladder. So one summer, Michael’s mother, Deloris, hired him as a cleaner at a hotel.

Until Michael decides to quit

Deloris wanted MJ to work as a maintenance worker at a hotel in the first place (besides helping the family financially) because she wanted him to realize the value of hard work (moms know best indeed). At that time, Michael’s siblings already had their jobs as well as his two brothers worked as bus drivers while his two sisters were employed at McDonald’s and department stores.

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Only Michael didn’t have a job that summer, so his mother pushed him to work at the hotel. Unfortunately, according to MJ, he didn’t like the job so much that he decided to quit immediately.

One summer, my mother “You just worked” and she got me a job as a cleaner in a hotel. Man, I left this job so quickly! I just couldn’t do it, I could not keep regular hours. It just wasn’t me. Since then I never had another job,“Jordan told David Breskin of GQ.

Michael didn’t reveal the terms and conditions that came with the hotel maintenance job, but from his own words it seemed like he didn’t appreciate the universally standard 9-hour-a-day type of job. . It’s also one of the main reasons he decided to play sports for a living – it was just a matter of whether it would be baseball or basketball.

MJ knew the money was in the entertainment industry.

Michael was the odd man out among his siblings who had and enjoyed their jobs. Mike was never interested in the type of work his siblings did and what his mother signed up for because from an early age he already knew the money was in the entertainment industry – sports, in particular, was what he set his eyes on.

How did Jordan realize the entertainment world was the real deal at such a young age? Through his grandfather, who would pay to see him do his best imitation of James Brown’s “Get on the Goodfoot.” From then on, Michael knew he was not born for the corporate world but to be a superstar in the eyes of the world.

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