‘Michael Jordan has averaged 30/5/5 in titles more times than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant combined!’: How the Bulls legend’s dominance in play-offs is unmatched to date

A startling stat reveals Michael Jordan’s true dominance in the playoffs and how the rest of the NBA doesn’t even come close to His Airness.

It’s no secret that Michael Jordan was the greatest to ever do it. However, what separated him from the rest was that he stepped it up when it mattered most, which was the playoffs. In fact, the 6x NBA champion was so dominant that he led the Chicago Bulls to 13 straight playoff appearances.

In fact, his numbers, especially in the playoffs, seem almost unbelievable when you look at them on paper. It’s hard to believe any player could dominate as much as MJ did during his time in the league. Any night, the Hall of Famers might just take over and destroy the opposition defense.

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Michael Jordan was in a class of his own in the playoffs.

Even though Michael Jordan dominated the regular season, the 14x All-star was at his best when the lights shone on him the most. In fact, when ‘His Airness turned it on, it was nearly unstoppable. There really isn’t a more dominant player in recent NBA memory.

And the numbers prove it. His Airness averaged no less than 30.7 and up to 35.1 points per game, which helped him earn six Finals MVP awards. In fact, take a look at this stat:

To put it into perspective, the other 3 on the list are LeBron James at 09′, Kobe Bryant at 12′ and Giannis did it last year, and MJ did it three times on his own. That alone is a true testament to the quality of the Bulls guard during his tenure in the NBA.

Additionally, his postseason average of 33.45 points per game is the highest of all time, including eight fifty-point games. His 38 playoff games with 40+ points are the most on record, and his all-time playoff game record with 30+ points totals 109. He also had more games with 20+ points than anyone else with 173.

And more, he did it all while remaining undefeated in the final. These stats are just a testament to how great Jordan is, playoffs or not. And it’s going to be a while before such numbers go up. In the meantime, enjoy the GOAT, i.e. Michael Jordan.

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