New infosec products of the week: January 28, 2022

Here’s a look at some of the hottest products from the past week, with releases from Borderless Security, Deepfence, LiveAction, MetricStream, Panorays, Pentera, and Samsung.

Panorays Complementary Offering Helps Companies Defend Against Supply Chain Attacks

Panorays’ new add-on offering includes a Security Passport, which allows users to create and share a security overview with potential customers. Additionally, the new offering includes a Panorays Security Profile, which provides full visibility into a company’s cyber posture and specific cyber gaps, identified by Panorays’ external attack surface assessment.

infosec products january 2022

Pentera’s Security Validation Platform Reduces Enterprise Cybersecurity Risks

Pentera autonomously emulates the entire destruction chain of cyberattacks, from external assets to the core of the enterprise, revealing the most risky security vulnerabilities. The platform frequently tests organizations’ entire attack surface to identify exploitable vulnerabilities and provides an exploitable strategy to strengthen their security posture.

infosec products january 2022

Borderless Security Launches FilesDNA to Protect Electronic Document Sharing

Driven by the integration of AI and ML, FilesDNA provides a user-friendly process for verifying the identity of each signed-in user, to eliminate fraudulent activity through blockchain integrity. It also uses a voice recognition system that captures the unique parameters of a user’s voice to provide an additional layer of security, to protect their identity and electronic signature.

infosec products january 2022

Deepfence ThreatMapper 1.2.0 helps DevSecOps professionals identify critical vulnerabilities

ThreatMapper 1.2.0 adds several highly requested features, including attack path visualization, with more representative calculation of the most exploitable vulnerabilities, support for discovery and analysis of AWS Fargate workloads at the vulnerability scanning, ARM support, and support for integration with Google Chronicle.

infosec products january 2022

Samsung’s fingerprint security IC prevents fraudulent transactions with stolen cards

The new security IC is an all-in-one security chip solution that reads biometric information via a fingerprint sensor, stores and authenticates encrypted data with a tamper-proof OS, and analyzes and processes data with a secure processor.

infosec products january 2022

LiveAction ThreatEye NV provides visibility into encrypted traffic and network anomalies

Using Deep Packet Dynamics (DPD) which eliminates the need for payload inspection, the platform analyzes over 150 packet characteristics and behaviors in multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-cloud network environments. This helps accelerate real-time threat detection, eliminate encryption blindness, validate encryption compliance, and enable teams to better secure the entire network and coordinate responses with other tools. security such as SIEM and SOAR.

infosec products january 2022

MetricStream ConnectedGRC reduces risk exposure for organizations

MetricStream announced ConnectedGRC solutions that address today’s most pressing business challenges related to risk, compliance, audit, cyber risk, and environmental, social (ESG) governance.

infosec products january 2022

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