‘No’ and the Other Super Bowl Horror Movies We Might See

On the road to Super Bowl Sunday, which hopefully holds some horror surprises, we’re treated to TEN new horror movies this week, all available at home.

And none of them are sequels. None of them are remakes. If you’re looking for original horror movies, this week is loaded with them. So be sure to put them on your calendar.

Here are all the new horror releases February 7-13, 2022!

First of all, we have Student Councila new teen slasher movie that co-stars Harley Quinn Smith and features a slasher maniac who wears a giant mascot mask on his head.

Releasing on VOD platforms February 8 from 1091 Pictures, “Student Council follows a group of students at a prestigious high school where a teacher oversteps his boundaries and the teenagers are forced to take matters into their own hands, with deadly consequences.

Written and directed by Lee Ann Kurrthe slasher movie also stars Montse Hernandez, Cheyenne Haynes, Austin Zajur, Anthony Keyvan and Christian Camargue.

Also on Tuesday, Shout! Studios, Scream Factory and The Yellow Affair bite into Rose: a love storya vampire film that is heading to digital platforms.

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan and written by matt stokoe, Rose: a love story is the story of a young couple living alone in the woods, who have to deal with a devastating illness that manifests in violent and terrifying ways.

“Rose’s disease is a vampiric, parasitic bloodlust. As his hunger grows, all of humanity seems to give way to savage violence that harms him and those around him. Their romantic relationship is strained by the burden of Rose’s illness, and it’s only a matter of time before the isolated life they’ve built is completely upended.

movie stars matt stokoe (Cursed, Jamestown, Misfits), Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders, Jamestown, Bodyguard) and olive gray (Halo, Year Million, Half Moon Investigations).


Tuesday’s new indie horror continues with Alone with you. Written and directed by Emilie Bennett & Justin BrooksDark Star’s new movie features a horror icon Barbara Crampton.

In Alone with you“As a young woman painstakingly plots a romantic homecoming for her girlfriend, their apartment begins to look more like a tomb when voices, shadows and hallucinations reveal a truth she didn’t want to face. .”

Emilie Bennett also plays with Emma Myles and happiness favorite Dora Madison.

Uncork’d Entertainment will release a supernatural horror movie Exorcist’s Revenge Tuesday, featuring the internationally acclaimed action star and Charles Bronson lookalike Robert Bronzi (Kiss of death, the gardener) and actor Steven Berkoff (Rambo: First Blood Part II).

“The film is about a tough priest (Bronzi), someone the Vatican calls in to do their dirty work. When a prominent family is terrorized by a demonic force, the priest is called upon by Bishop Canelo (Berkoff) to root out the evil, but he soon realizes the solution to this mystery is tied to his own past. He must find the killer and end the Devil’s hold on the family before it’s too late.

The film is said to blend The Exorcist, death wish and… Knives out?!

The latest new horror release for this Tuesday is alter egodirected to Indican Pictures’ on-demand platforms. Eric Robert and Dylan Walsh of the “Nip/Tuck” star in this one.

“Detective DiBiasse (Oscar® nominee Eric Roberts, train out of control) arrives at his latest crime scene, the mansion of a wealthy but paranoid recluse named Alan Schaeffer (FX’s “Nip/Tuck” Dylan Walsh). As Detective Dibiasse is accompanied by a new sleuth, he soon begins to weave the bizarre tale of Alan Schaeffer, once renowned author of a series of bestselling serial killer books, who now vehemently insists on the fact that one of his creations tries to kill him. . Surrounded by security guards who apparently saw nothing, no one can help Alan Schaeffer as the police push forward without a second thought. Yet soon after, Detective Dibiasse is called back to the mansion and is faced with a gruesome and brutal crime and not a suspect in sight.

From the director, screenwriter and producer Ezio Massa (5am), the film festival also hit stars Steven Stanulis (5th district), Deborah Twiss (Kick ass) and Rodrigo Guirao Diaz (Dead end).

We jump to Thursday, February 10 for these next three releases, the first of which is Steven Soderberghthe brand new psychological thriller from KIMIwhich features Zoe Kravitz.

The film will stream exclusively on HBO Max on February 10.

“The film’s title refers to a fictional voice-activated Alexa/Siri-like digital assistant called KIMI. He hears everything you say all the time, recording everything for a Big Brother type company. Kravitz plays Angela Childs, a vocal stream performer who overhears a murder on a recording she was analyzing. Angela is shaken after reaching out to her colleagues. Why are her employers resisting her trying to bring this to the attention of the authorities? »

David Koep (Jurassic Park, Snake Eyes, Panic Room, Stir of Echoesand You should have left) wrote the screenplay for KIMI. You can check out the official trailer below.

then, we have Informedcoming to VOD platforms on February 10. Samantha Aldana-directed indie had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last year.

The film follows Ivy, a struggling singer in New Orleans who is trapped in the hidden underworld of her eating disorder and must deal with her addiction – or risk becoming a monster.

Kelly Murtagh, Bobby Gilchrist, Jamie Neumann, Marco Dapper, Erika Ashley, Gralen Bryant Banks, and Zardis Nichols star in Informedfrom XYZ Films.

The latest release for Thursday, February 10 is the Vampire Movie all the moonsan Original Shudder that seems to tell a coming-of-age story with a bloodsucking twist.

Directed by the Basque filmmaker Igor Legarreta (When you don’t love me anymore), all the moons won several awards at the 25th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival.

In all the moonsIn northern Spain, at the end of the 19th century, during the final throes of the last Carlist war, a little girl is rescued from an orphanage by a mysterious woman after it has been destroyed by a bomb. Wounded and near death, the young girl believes that the woman is an angel coming to take her to heaven. Soon, however, she discovers that this strange being has gifted her with eternal life by turning her into a vampire.

all the moons stars Haizea Carneros, Josean Bengoetxeaand Itziar Ituno.

That brings us to Friday, February 11, which has a few more treats in store for us. To start, Those who walk away will introduce an all-new horror villain named “Rotcreep”.

VMI Those who walk away follows Max and Avery (Booboo Stewart and Scarlett Sperduto) on their first date. After meeting on a social media app, their evening takes a perilous turn when they find themselves in a local haunted house, the home of “Rotcreep”, a sinister creature that rots your body and soul with a single to touch.

As the night turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse, Max and Avery begin to realize that the trauma they share can either save them or erupt into an unforgettable nightmare.

Written and directed by Robert Ripberger (Public enemy number one, 7 days in Syria), Those who walk away was “filmed in a series of long continuous takes”.

Jefferson Moneothe cult UFO thriller from cosmic dawn will also be released on Friday, February 10, in select theaters as well as home on-demand platforms.

Emmanuelle Chriqui (“Entourage”) and model Camille Rowe Star.

Rowe is Aurora, a young woman who joins the UFO cult ‘The Cosmic Dawn‘ to help understand the alien abduction of her own mother that she witnessed as a child. Lured by the mysterious bookseller Natalie (Chriqui), Aurora begins to realize that the cult, as cults usually are, has a more sinister agenda.

Writer/director Moneo says he based the film on his own childhood alien encounter, the press release explained. “The film is an intense and colorful look at this strange community, floating on the borders between thriller, horror and science fiction.”

The latest treat this week is Shudder’s Valentine’s Day Special Jo BobHeartbreak Trailer Parka horror movie doubleheader coming to Shudder this Friday at 9pm EST.

Joe Bob Briggs will be joined by FOUR special guests for a double feature of two unique films that explore the heartbreaking and horrifying side of Valentine’s Day.

“Two movies about deranged passion” are playing, teases Joe Bob.

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