No charges, case closed August suicide and lockdown at Eden Prairie Scheels store

No charges will be filed and the case is closed in the Aug. 22 suicide in Scheels that resulted in the death of a 19-year-old man and the lockdown of the Eden Prairie Center, according to a statement released Monday by the Eden Prairie Police Service (EPPD).

The police report from the investigation compiled by the department is contained in a massive 42GB online file. The inclusion of photos and CCTV footage explains the file size, according to an EPPD spokesperson.

EPLN is uploading the file to review the report details.

Jordan L. Markie. Red Lake Nation News obituary photo

Police had previously not identified the suicide victim – Jordan L. Markie, 19, of Edina. The EPLN confirmed his identity in late September through social media posts and by contacting family members.


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August 22

The incident began around 7:25 p.m. on Monday, August 22, when a single shot rang out from the second floor of the Scheels store at the Eden Prairie Center.

Customers and employees of the store and the adjoining mall are dispersed. Dozens of first responders from across Metro Southwest converged on the mall after initial reports of an active shooter.

Soon authorities announced that the shooter had indeed fired one shot, the one that killed him. They said he went to the second floor where guns were sold and managed to get away with a working handgun. He loaded it with ammunition he had apparently brought to the store and killed himself, they said.

After authorities searched the store and were satisfied the danger had passed, employees and customers who had been trapped inside were allowed to leave.

“Investigation in progress”

Store manager Scheels did not immediately respond Monday when asked to comment. Scheels has previously declined to comment on the incident and whether employees followed store policies and procedures regarding the handling of firearms in the store and with customers.

The EPLN made numerous requests to Eden Prairie police to provide additional information and were denied, with officials citing an ongoing investigation.

Department officials said no other agencies, such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) or the FBI, were involved in the investigation, although agents of these agencies responded and were on the scene the night of the incident.

The ATF regulates and licenses individuals and businesses that sell firearms. Eden Prairie has no role in this process, the EPPD spokesperson said.

On August 31, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office declined a formal request to release public EPLN data. “We can provide (the victim’s identity) once the death certificate is final,” Molly Miller of the medical examiner’s office replied via email.

During its own investigation, the EPLN received information about the ongoing EPPD investigation from an Eden Prairie resident who requested the release of public data.

The response included a one-page EPPD summary of the incident, including basic information such as the date, time and location of the incident, case number, and name of the notifying officer.

The summary did not name Markie as the suicide victim.

The summary included a list of six people she said were mentioned in the unpublished police report and six others who were identified as witnesses.

Using the lists, EPLN was able to search social media and other sources to determine the names of family members and, possibly, Markie’s. Contacted by the EPLN, Markie’s mother confirmed that the victim was her son.

EPLN continued to reach out to Markie’s parents to tell her story.

To be informed

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