Nope Trailer’s Alien Reveal Hints At A Much Bigger Twist To Come

The confirmation that Jordan Peele’s Nope is about an alien invasion hints that the movie has a much bigger twist up its sleeve.

A TV spot for Jordan Peele’s Nope eventually confirmed that the story involves an alien invasion, hinting that it has a much bigger twist. The horror genre has seen great success in recent years thanks to sequels, reboots, “requels”, adaptations of other works and original stories, as well as the rise of some filmmakers in this genre. gender. Among these is Jordan Peele, who successfully transitioned from acclaimed comedy actor to one of the most respected horror filmmakers.

Peele’s first film was get out set in 2017, the story of a young black man who uncovers a disturbing secret when he meets his white girlfriend’s family. get out was a critical and commercial success, allowing Peele to continue telling horror stories that deal with different social issues, and his next project was Wereleased in 2019. After hosting the third revival of The twilight zonePeele is back with his third horror film, Nopewhich has given way to a variety of theories about its story, its themes, and the great threat the main characters will face.


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Although trailers, teasers and TV spots for Nope have already been released, the plot details are still mostly a mystery. What do we know of Nope is that it follows Jill (Keke Palmer) and James Haywood (Daniel Kaluuya), the owners of Haywood Ranch in California. Along with the residents of this isolated town, Jill and James will witness a mysterious and anomalous supernatural event described by Peele as a “in other words confrontation”. Now, after a lot of speculation and a bunch of theories about Nope Regarding aliens, a TV spot confirmed this by showing an alien UFO over Haywood Ranch – but if that big plot detail has already been revealed, it could hint at an even bigger twist to come. Nope.

There have been many theories around Nopemost of them regarding the Haywoods encountering aliens and the title of the film being an acronym for “Not Of Planet Earth”, but now that the alien invasion has been confirmed, Nope surely has something else up its sleeve. Peele has been incredibly secretive with the plots of his films, because both get out and We had major twists that obviously couldn’t be revealed or casually alluded to in promotional material, so if Nope has already confirmed the bigger story theory, it’s because there’s a bigger twist to come, most likely related to why the aliens are specifically targeting Haywood Ranch. Some theories about Nope suggest that the Haywoods are in fact aliens who escaped from their planet, and that their fellow aliens are now ready to take them back, while others believe NopeThe social commentary of will be the refugees and the exploitation of immigrant workers, the foreigners representing refugees and illegal immigrants, and the element of horror coming from the reaction of the townspeople upon their arrival.

These theories seem possible given how Peele has shown in his previous films that you can’t really trust anyone, and that characters who may seem good and the heroes of the story may actually be the real threats. Confirmation of Nope talking about an alien invasion shouldn’t put viewers off watching the movie as it’s certainly not a spoiler or “too revealing”, and instead it only shows that Jordan Peele has something more up his sleeve. great to surprise the audience.

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