One million covid deaths: Visualizing 114 lives, cut short.

7,333 people died the week of March 29, 2020Robert enjoyed spending time outdoors, reading and taking road trips to see his family.Robert W. Campbell Jr., is dead April 3, 2020Robertloveforpassweatheroutside,Lilyandto takeroadtripsforto seehisfamily.

Dick burst into song when least expected and enjoyed watching boxing matches.

Sally loved keeping the linens clean in her nursing home, folding towels and straightening placemats.

Linda volunteered as a school crossing guard and enjoyed drinking caffeine-free Diet Pepsi from a red mug.

Nonoy learned to use turntables at age 63 and loved DJing for his church events.

David joined his friends every week to work together on the wood on “Turning Tuesday”.

Lita spoke four languages ​​and always read several books at the same time.

Joan radiated confidence and could find her way no matter where she was in the world.

Dave clowned around to raise money for the Shriners Hospital and enjoyed telling stories.

Mary could recite all the dialogues from Lord of the Rings and loved to go dancing.

Renée loved making stained glass and reading cozy novels.

Doris loved to read and had received a new Kindle over the holidays.

Mary joined her rosary prayer group on the phone every Friday and enjoyed shopping on TV channels.

Susie taught composting to school children at a local park and loved being a grandmother.

July 2020

James enjoyed composing his own songs and meeting his friends for morning coffee.

Abel enjoyed camping and fishing with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Candy was taking care of a family member with a brain tumor and raising chickens in her garden.

Richard used his last breaths to ask if his daughter would recover from covid-19.

Randy couldn’t wait to get back to camp and loved listening to Elvis Presley.

Myra was planning a major renovation of the fitness center at her country club.

Elsie loved going to festivals, playing games with her family, listening to music and dancing.

Roy idolized Michael Jordan and DJ’d for his fans on YouTube.

Otoniel loved football and dreamed of one day building a house in Alaska.

Betsy loved seeing the University of North Carolina beat Duke and hoped to return to Paris.

Adeline was starting her second year of residency and wanted to help young people suffering from endometriosis.

Sam was planning to retire in December and adored his Airedale terrier Nico.

Pita made an inimitable spaghetti sauce and loved to sing and dance.

October 2020

Joshua looked forward to his annual hunting trip with his father and uncle, and built his own vivarium for his pet frogs.

Susan was looking forward to traveling in her new RV and looking forward to being closer to family and friends.

Allen won Best Show for his bunnies and enjoyed helping 4-H kids with their show animals.

James was looking forward to the start of deer season and was heading to the lake cabin with his family.

Oscar planned to support his great-grandson at all of his sports matches.

Andy enjoyed playing musical chimes and going out for pie and coffee with his sister.

Tom was an avid photographer and always played jazz or classical music at home.

Joan wanted to go back to bowling and hang out with her friends for lunch once the pandemic was over.

Jim listened to sports games on his transistor radio and tried to keep squirrels away from his bird feeders.

Mike whipped out his harmonica whenever Zoom’s family calls hit an awkward lull.

Frank was president of his community’s Latin American social club and loved to play golf.

Mark has tutored first generation college students and played Clue online with his grandchildren.

Rachel enjoyed reading on her Kindle on her bed while her great-grandson played video games.

January 2021

Shirley played on her assisted living facility’s Wii bowling team and looked forward to seeing her church’s visitation ministry.

Jean loved getting together with his family in their mountain cabin and had a knack for really listening when people spoke to him.

Dick enjoyed fishing for crabs, clams and oysters on Hood Canal, which he considered paradise.

Sylvia practiced with her 3-year-old great-granddaughter on video calls and loved listening to Pavarotti.

Cornelius loved to cook, especially mac and cheese and Tuscan garlic butter prawns, and wanted to open a soul food restaurant.

Scott had just found an effective treatment for lifelong depression before he fell ill and enjoyed playing the guitar.

Louis looked forward to spending his retirement with his wife, Juanita, and continuing his collections of historical coins and weapons.

Ken told the same story every Thanksgiving about his first date with his wife.

Alvin loved to sing, sometimes with a quartet, sometimes with his wife, and sometimes solo with his cows.

Ronald enjoyed making green chili chicken enchiladas and going hunting and fishing with his family.

Ellen took care to find the perfect emoji to text her daughter twice a day.

Bill’s idea of ​​a perfect day was to ride his Harley down a sunny country road.

Joanne loved the crossword and her daily glass of red wine.

April 2021

Karen was looking forward to retiring from her job as a cashier at Walmart so she could enjoy life.

Todd made horseradish pickles and always had a treat on hand for his grandkids.

Michael spent his Saturdays with his siblings watching Wolverines football.

Harley loved visiting St. Isidore Farm and learning how to care for the animals.

Philip had just completed his training for his commercial driver’s license.

Joan spoke on the phone with her sister every day and looked forward to finally seeing her in person.

Iris enjoyed reading classic literature and dancing the polka and the waltz.

Felda has volunteered with her church and made it a point to connect with other Filipino-American families.

Nora looked forward to winter when she could go sledding with her grandchildren.

Marshall had lunch every week with friends he had known for 60 years.

Richard enjoyed going to Dallas Cowboys games and listening to worship music.

Kristin sang as a viola with RSVP, a southern gospel quartet plus one.

Ronal loved going to auctions and cooking chicken pilaf for his grandchildren.

July 2021

Terry loved cars and trucks, especially his 1969 Chevelle.

Bob volunteered to work on the front desk for his senior community and loved reminiscing about his work on political campaigns.

Rozella enjoyed sewing and altering uniforms, costumes, and wedding dresses for the other residents of her town.

Jose enjoyed feeding the ducks with his grandchildren and looked forward to seeing his extended family in El Salvador.

Adam planned to start his new teaching career in the fall after 10 years in the Navy.

Anita loved canning and making German food, especially strudla for Christmas.

Mehdi has produced oil paintings inspired by his favorite places around the world.

Brielle was eager to start eighth grade and enjoyed singing and watching TikTok videos.

Anne loved the sun and always looked forward to hosting her family for Sunday gatherings.

Phillip spent days coloring pictures of animals and landscapes and putting up holiday decorations for his family every year.

Rosanna has carved sculptures of watermelons and vegetables for her family and friends.

Patrick was missing an exam to get his school bus driver’s license.

Gloria hosted a weekly card game and loved to sing in her church choir.

October 2021

William enjoyed sneaking late-night snacks and cheering on the Michigan Wolverines.

Valerie researched her family history for fun and loved to travel.

Joan wrote letters by hand to pen pals around the world and enjoyed playing Zoom Bingo with others in her town.

Marla liked to read romance novels with a cup of Coke Yeti and watch birds from her balcony.

Carol was looking forward to volunteering at the hospital gift shop again once the pandemic was over.

Merlin started coughing just days before he left for a family reunion in Texas.

Terri made fleece quilts and was looking forward to next month’s Christmas family swap.

Jim loved researching history and planned to get vaccinated once the harvest was over.

Elaine helped clear her neighbours’ driveways after heavy snowfalls and loved getting out on her ATV.

Louis enjoyed golfing, supporting the Pittsburgh Penguins, and spending time with his family.

Ella had just moved to Colorado to be closer to her children and loved spending time with them.

Michael enjoyed helping his wife put together puzzles and telling dad jokes.

Boyd planned to grow and sell tomatoes with his son over the summer and was known as “Tomato Man” throughout town.

January 2022

Garn made horseshoe art and always planned new pieces to solder for his family.

Warren played chess, golf and cards, and served as chairman of the board of his recreation center.

Kevin enjoyed riding motorcycles, making and listening to music, and driving his boat.

Barbara adored bouquets of flowers and looked forward to visits from loved ones.

Aaron looked forward to his family’s Fourth of July holiday every year and enjoyed going to state and county fairs.

Brian was passionate about emergency preparedness and would help anyone come up with a plan.

Lennart enjoyed watching John Wayne films, reading, and having lunch with his friends.

John loved watching wildlife in his backyard and looked forward to 4×4 riding with his family.

Lori loved making her own cards and scrapbooks, and FaceTimed with her grandchildren whenever she could.

Tamara planned to become a nurse practitioner focusing on midwifery.

Timothy enjoyed leading his church in worship, sometimes singing songs he had written himself.

Hope remembered all of the students she had taught, as well as their family members and pets.

Malcolm loved stopping at casinos on vacation cruises and wanted to improve so he could take another cruise with his family.

April 2022

Bernie spent his summers in New Jersey, where he ate crumb cake for breakfast and bodyboarded with his family and friends.

Clif enjoyed bird watching and traveling to Sarasota for the winter.

Debbie collected Barbies and had recently discovered a love for painting.

Michael enjoyed traveling with his daughter and sitting by a fire with friends on a summer evening.

Gary loved going to church and watching his granddaughter learn to swim.

Virginia was an expert seamstress and loved weaving, skiing and playing puns.

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