Real Estate Transactions of March 16, 2022 – Duluth News Tribune

A list of real estate transactions received from St. Louis County.

231 S. First Ave., Nichol Thell and Hannah Kaldahl purchased from Jean M. Brensengen for $165,000, residential, 12/21.

146 S. First Ave., William and Dayba Leonard purchased from Matthew Strom for $140,000, residential, 11/21.

5 W. First St., Roers Duluth Apartments Owner purchased from 5 West First Street LLC, a Minnesota Limited Company for $1,900,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/21.

621 E. 10th St., Tyler and Elizabeth Obinger purchased from Chester Park Land Co. LLC for $249,900, residential, 12/21.

1223 103rd Ave. W., Zhaobing R. Degerstrom bought from Emily A. and Ryan Heikkila for $170,000, residential, 12/21.

714 E. Third St., Danyelle Fenner and John Wengenroth purchased from Justin Melin for $110,000, residential, 12/21.

2406 W. Fourth St., Brian Jordan purchased from Karl and Jeanne Lovgren for $142,500, residential, 11/21.

4123 W. Fourth St., Paul Nelson purchased from Therese C. Holmquist for $172,500, residential, 12/21.

3807 W. Fourth St., Peter and Sarah L. Dotson purchased from Andrew Kreger and Alisha Baumchen for $240,000, residential, 12/21.

2222 W. Fourth St., We Rent Homes Duluth LLC purchased from Thomas Fuchs and Dana Passenheim for $99,000, residential, 12/21.

322 E. Fifth St., 5th St Holdings LLC purchased from 5th Street Properties LLC for $550,000, apartment, 12/21.

412 N. 54th Ave. W., Ramsey IV LLC purchased from Michael and Darnell Slosson for $95,000, residential, 11/21.

1929 E. Sixth St., Madeline and Ethan Depman purchased from William B. and Anne M. Humes for $222,000, residential, 12/21.

305 S. 60th Ave. W., David A. and Emily L. Wigg purchased from Michael and Christine Richards for $292,000, residential, 12/21.

429 N. 63rd Ave. W., Damon Hantz bought from Gary Nelson for $12,000, residential, 12/21.

29 N. 64th Ave. W., Akiko Mills purchased from Ryan Berg for $244,900, residential, 11/21.

325 S. 69th Ave. W., Kurtis E. Pierson purchased from Dirt Inc. for $300,000, residential – bare land, 12/21.

202 E. Seventh St., Lorie Reller and Scott Grefe purchased from Sarah Fredrickson for $160,000, residential, 11/21.

4407 W. Eighth St., Paramount Investment Group LLC purchased from U.S. Bank National Association for $79,200, residential, 11/21.

943 88th Ave. W., Carlyne Holt purchased from Curt and Sumlee Beede for $109,900, residential, 12/21.

1430 N. Ninth Ave. E., Billie and Andrew Landburg purchased from Bradley Yliniemi and Brooke Vetter for $195,000, Residential, 12/21.

4602 Airpark Blvd., Alicia Johnson purchased from Duluth Airpark Building LLC for $375,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/21.

4962 Anderson Road, Ryan Berg purchased from Mark Wicker for $374,900, residential, 11/21.

2334 Apple Ridge Drive, Joy E. Rasmussen purchased from Marlin and Larisse Gwei for $376,500, residential, 12/21.

1415 Belmont Road, Lynn M. Johansen purchased from Scott P. Scheirbeck for $195,000, residential, 11/21.

4355 Calvary Road W., Damon Blackburn bought from Steve and Desi Govze and Joe Viele for $263,000, residential, 12/21.

4520 Crosley Ave., Daniel Eckholm purchased from John and Kimberly Tollison for $187,000, residential, 12/21.

3055 Devonshire St., Danielle Tikalsky bought from Brooks and Caitlin Johnson for $170,000, residential, 11/21.

2613 Hagberg St., Alexis Munter purchased from Grant T. Sega for $196,000, residential, 12/21.

2828 Harvey St., Nathan Ferrell purchased from Michael and Mari Willoughby for $187,900, residential, 11/21.

9223 Hulett Ave., Nicholas and Darrick Law purchased from Holly and Jude R. Atkinson for $293,000, residential, 11/21.

1478 Knife River Road W., Brian and Sarah Kimmes purchased from Ryan A. Kough for $74,000, seasonal recreation, 12/21.

4206 Lavaque Road, Keith G. and Deborah J. Lockhart purchased from Andrew C. and Debra A. Renaud for $130,000, residential, 12/21.

2692 Lismore Road, Paul and Amy Johnston purchased from Chad and Tami Robarge for $341,000, residential, 11/21.

1202 Maple Grove Road, 1202 Maple Grove Road Llc purchased from Barbara and John Koraliea for $965,000, commercial (with buildings), 12/21.

915 Maple Grove Road, One Roof Community Housing purchased from Monika Jaros for $180,000, residential, 11/21.

3747 Martin Road, Dylan and Meaghan Scherer purchased from Jayne Petrich for $390,000, residential, 12/21.

4729 McCulloch St., Poppy Nguyen purchased from Thomas E. and Catherine M. Kolar for $335,000, residential, 12/21.

302 Minneapolis Ave., Andrew and Briana Litz purchased from Marie Wothe and Jameson Moore for $262,000, residential, 11/21.

1921 Minneapolis Ave., David and Michelle Strecker purchased from Martin Dubois and Linnea Johns for $228,000, residential, 12/21.

38 Minneapolis Ave., Ian Borgelt bought from Urania Zorbas for $209,000, residential, 11/21.

5111 Morris Thomas Road, Jenni Katich bought from Michael P. Lynch and Jo Deborah for $255,000, residential, 11/21.

35 W. Niagara St., Oliver Trachsel purchased from Bulldog Development LLC for $332,000, residential, 11/21.

1509 North Road, Sarah McGowan and Kyle Severson bought from Amanda Wistrom for $342,000, residential, 12/21.

23 W. Orange St., Scott D. Brunette purchased from R. Bolen, K. and S. Olson and K. and S. Ruesink for $145,000, residential, 12/21.

5212 Otsego St., Jacques Lake purchased from The Estate of Jack Edward Wall for $240,000, residential, 11/21.

4322 Regent St., Alix M. Craft purchased from Douglas L. and April M. Berg for $269,000, residential, 12/21.

415 W. Skyline Parkway, Kevin Lund and Eric C. Sjoding purchased from the Mitchell J. Sill Irrevocable Trust for $1,275,000, residential, 11/21.

2602 Springvale Road, Charles Stanley bought from Cody and Jessa Axelson for $210,000, residential, 12/21.

3991 Stebner Road, Douglas G. and Linda J. Freeman purchased from Rodney and Linnaleilani Nielsen for $485,000, residential, 11/21.

4246 Stebner Road, Kristopher Nelson and Mack Watters purchased from Mark S. Shipley for $370,000, residential, 12/21.

1819 E. Superior St., DWMm Properties LLC purchased from Bellagrace Properties LLC for $320,000, residential, 12/21.

4907 Trails End Drive, Clifford and Patricia Hickman purchased from Jeremy P. and Debra L. Leubner for $601,000, residential, 11/21.

221 N. Ugstad Road, Annie Sabrowski and Robert Truscott purchased from Diane McGarry and Richard Martin for $233,000, residential, 12/21.

347 W. Wabasha St., Jeremiah and Heather Johnston purchased from John H. and Sherri A. Carlson for $215,000, residential, 11/21.

2818 Wicklow St., Theresa Yocum purchased from Shey Robinson and Gregory Peterson for $89,000, residential, 11/21.

2135 Woodland Ave., Terri and Richard Kronzer purchased from Joseph C Maiolo and Julie Ann for $434,500, residential, 12/21.

Address unassigned, Mary J. Larson purchased from Todd T. Hoover for $149,900, residential, 12/21.

Commercial bare land, West End Properties Inc. purchased from Richard and Shirley Slotness for $200,000, commercial – bare land, 11/21.

Residential Bare Land, Aaron F. Nelson and Renee Passal Purchased from Claudia J. Johnson for $30,000, Residential – Bare Land, 12/21.

Residential bare land, Charles Fause purchased from Mark J. Spehar for $8,500, Residential – bare land, 12/21.

Residential bare land, Joshua and Patricia Tennen purchased from Douglas Berg for $55,900, residential – bare land, 12/21.

Residential bare land, Karen Cameron purchased from Jay A. Pederson for $17,000, residential – bare land, 12/21.

Residential bare land, Scott L. and Mary A. Ronning purchased from Lorry and Robert Witte for $22,500, residential – bare land, 11/21.

Bare land, BMAX Inc. purchased from JLG Enterprises of Hermantown for $260,000, bare land, 11/21.

Bare Land, Harrison and Amber Blase Bought from William and Diane Himango for $290,000, Bare Land, 12/21.

Bare land, Nordic Beach LLC purchased from David Palmstein for $150,000, bare land, 12/21.

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