‘RIP Will’s Career’: Michael Jordan’s invisible touch on iconic Will Smith moment sparks unwanted debate over his legacy

Whether someone is a basketball fan or not, Michael Jordan is a name that resonates with almost everyone. After retiring from the league and having one of the greatest careers ever, Jordan made a name for himself in the sneaker industry.

Most of the sneakers Jordan wore during his time in the NBA were an instant hit. To take things to the next level, MJ launched his own brand of sneakers under Nike.


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Since then, it has become one of the biggest shoe brands in the world. Not only among NBA fans, but Jordan shoes are also famous all over the world. This also includes celebrities.

In one such instance, Oscar-winning actor Will Smith wore Jordan’s shoe during one of his classic TV shoes. This was revealed in a Facebook post that is doing the rounds on the internet. However, fans were quick to poke fun at the actor and MJ’s legacy under the post.

Michael Jordan had an unknown influence on Will Smith

There’s no denying that Michael Jordan is one of the biggest icons in the sports world. Besides having one of the best careers in basketball, he is a billionaire and a global figure of success.

Golf – 2020 Ryder Cup – Whistling Straits, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S. – September 25, 2021 Michael Jordan watches the action near the 11th green during Four-Balls REUTERS/Mike Segar

Jordan has 6 NBA titles with the Chicago Bulls along with various other accolades. Moreover, its Jordan brand is famous all over the world.

Interestingly enough, controversial actor Will Smith seems to be a fan of Jordan’s shoes. Black-smith wore the Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” on the last episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on May 20, 1996. If the episode wasn’t iconic enough, Smith added an iconic shoe to take it to the next level!

However, fans were quick to roast the actor and Michael Jordan. While some commented on the shoe, some brought up Smith’s controversial moment at the Oscars.


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One fan wrote: “His Jordan 11 slams hardin reference to Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. On the other hand, another wrote “The career of RIP Will“.

One fan seemed particularly angry with the Jordan sneakers, not changing anything major in the design of their shoes. The fan wrote: “And they still make the same shoes, same Jordan colors make fun of black people lol.” During that time, it turned out to be a fan’s favorite sneaker as he commented, “My all time favorite J’s.”


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