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In November 2021, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall embarked on a tour of the Middle East, focusing on Jordan and Egypt. Additionally, earlier this month, Sophie, Countess of Wessex traveled to Qatar where she visited their Development Fund, after carrying out millions of eye tests and treatments across India and the Bangladesh. With these small overseas royal visits starting to recur again as coronavirus restrictions begin to ease, royal fans are hoping this new year will see more tours on a larger scale.

But what rules should the royal family follow when traveling to a foreign country?

Daena Borrowman, head of marketing at jewellerybox, spoke exclusively to about the rules in question.

She said: “The Queen normally favors bright colors and prescribes them to her family, as members of the Royal Family are meant to be easily recognizable in a crowd.

“However, a drama has delivered a life lesson, giving rise to a whole new travel protocol that applies to this date.

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“When Queen Elizabeth’s flight landed in England at the death of her father, her dresser realized they had not packed a black mourning outfit for the grieving new queen to be received by her ministers.

“Since then, members of the royal family must wear black attire when they travel.”

What else should royals think about when travelling?

Daena continued: “While touring abroad, royal protocol dictates that royal women also honor local history and traditions by displaying the colors of the country they are in.


“They should wear jewelry given to the queen by that country or respect local customs such as covering their heads with a scarf.”

Another morbid but necessary rule of travel also revolves around the possibility of the worst happening.

The royal heirs to the throne are expected to travel separately, just in case something happens to one of their parents in transit.

This way, there will always be someone alive in the line of succession to take the throne.

“All other members of the Royal Family, including the Prince of Wales, have passports.”

Although fans see the royals traveling privately from time to time, they are also allowed to fly commercially.

When taking a commercial flight, they would be recommended to use British Airways to support the UK economy.

It’s an easy way for them to show solidarity with a company in their country.

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