Shops get busy as Detroit metro residents brace for winter storm

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) — Inside Hollywood Market in Royal Oak on Tuesday, it was the not-so-calm before the storm: long lines, shoved shelves and customers stocking up.

“Like everyone else, we heard about the impending snowstorm,” said customer Brooke Niskar. “We wanted to make sure we had enough supplies at home in case this happened.”

The store employees were busy all day doing their best to keep everything in stock.

The store manager says the rush of customers was comparable to what they see on Thanksgiving Eve or Christmas Eve.

“Mostly from 10:30 a.m. until now, it’s been pretty hectic,” store manager Tony Varcally said. “Super busy, all departments working hard.”

Down the street at the Frentz & Sons hardware store, co-owner John Frentz and his employees also worked hard, seeing more customers than usual.

“It was busy,” Frentz said. “We sold ice melter, lots of shovels.”

Like its customers, Frentz also sources its supplies. He ordered an extra delivery of ice melter, making sure the shelves didn’t run out.

“Sometimes you make mistakes, you buy a lot, and the storm doesn’t happen,” Frentz said. But I think this is going to happen. “

The last-minute rush occurs a few hours before the first snowfall. No matter how much snow arrives at the end, buyers say prevention is better than cure.

“At least we’re bracing and preparing for the storm,” buyer Dominique Jordan said. “I just hope she doesn’t come.”

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