SPORTING AGENDA: Players avoid ‘****’ packed lunches after Manchester United games

It looks like the performance issues at Manchester United have spread from the pitch to the kitchen.

Under new Covid restrictions, the club is providing packed lunches for players on both sides to eat after matches.

The boxes are placed on a table outside the changing rooms but have been largely left untouched.

Indeed, a United player told an opponent ‘Don’t eat them, they suck’, ahead of a recent match at Old Trafford.

Manchester United provide packed lunches to players under new Covid restrictions

Man City unimpressed with ‘Emptyhad’ blunder

Former Liverpool player Jim Beglin was quick to apologize when he branded the Etihad Stadium ‘Emptyhad’ during Manchester City’s 1-0 win over Chelsea on Saturday.

Premier League champions officials were unimpressed and it is understood they complained to in-house broadcaster Premier League Productions during the game.

City have long believed they are not getting fair representation in a media landscape short of former players.

The term ‘Emptyhad’ is often used by rival fans to slap City. Beglin tweeted that he had the “utmost respect” for City and “was in no way a verbal error intended to offend”.

Former Liverpool player Jim Beglin called the Etihad Stadium a

Former Liverpool player Jim Beglin called the Etihad Stadium ‘Emptyhad’ on Saturday

Many have wondered aloud how Jez Moxey retains a seat on the EFL board when he has no executive role at Burton Albion.

Those who have pondered the non-leader’s position now believe he could be at the center of a substantial conflict of interest given that the council will vote a deal on a Derby County takeover.

Moxey represents a consortium vying to buy the struggling Championship club and is set to become chief executive if they win.

The EFL point out that Moxey is currently not allowed to attend board meetings, but even so there are concerns about the influence he wields.

In what is not a happy camp, fellow Middlesbrough board member and chief executive Neil Bausor is also currently barred from meetings given Boro’s continued attempt to sue the Rams for breaches of fairness. -financial play which they believe cost them a chance for promotion.

Last week, this column reported how a number of Premier League teams were planning trips to warm weather destinations for the upcoming break.

Insiders have revealed that refuseniks, who continue to insist on not getting a shot, risk being left at home while their vaccinated buddies fly off to sunnier climes.

Plans to transfer Six Nations home matches from Wales to England – first revealed by sports mail — were in an “advanced stage,” insiders revealed.

The prospect of playing in enemy territory, although accepted during the construction of the Millennium Stadium, is believed to have helped persuade Prime Minister Mark Drakeford to give in on his Covid restrictions which included allowing only 50 people to attend matches. outdoor events, although he insisted on external pressures did not force his hand.

Wales are due to play Scotland, France and Italy at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

Wales are due to play Scotland, France and Italy at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

If they had remained in place, the WRU would have missed out on around £5m.

Even now they face a race against time to sell tickets for games against Scotland, France and Italy.

Meanwhile, more than 1,100 action-starved Swansea City fans made the long journey to see their side draw 1-1 at Huddersfield Town on Saturday, albeit with entry reduced to £5.

Chisora ​​goes after Jordan

An enlightening meeting of wits when heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora ​​took on heavyweight broadcaster Simon Jordan on talkSPORT.

Former Crystal Palace owner Jordan, never short of opinion, had previously questioned Chisora’s boxing credentials and his future in a phone blast that went viral.

Heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora ​​(above) took on heavyweight broadcaster Simon Jordan

Heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora ​​(above) took on heavyweight broadcaster Simon Jordan

So the great man came seeking revenge.

Their second-round verbal sparring ended in a draw – although Chisora ​​won the award when he smuggled an Arias Trophy (Audio and Industry Award) and later bragged about his success on the social networks.

talkSPORT bosses weren’t amused and the award is set to be returned on Monday

British journalists traveling to Beijing for the Games face strict Covid restrictions with two pre-departure PCR tests at one of the few authorized UK clinics, limited access to Beijing on only a few recognized airlines, a battery of PCR tests and restrictions once in China and the constant threat of 21 days of forced quarantine.

A miserable situation is even more constraining for the athletes, who will be subjected to no less than five PCR tests before they even leave.

Liverpool commercial director – and former Manchester United manager – Matt Scammell is jumping ship for Formula E to become their commercial director.

In a move to be announced shortly, Scammell will reunite with former United colleague Jamie Reigle, with the pair having worked under the commercial team led by new Old Trafford chief executive Richard Arnold.

Reigle spent a decade at United overseeing its global business operations. Formula E’s eighth season begins on January 28 and the series arrives at ExCeL London in July.

A boost for cricket’s Olympic ambitions

The absence of National Hockey League players from the ice hockey competition of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics could actually be a good sign for Olympic cricket hopefuls.

With the likelihood of just one more team sport being added to the Games program for LA 2028, it is said to be between cricket and baseball. Conventional wisdom says it should be baseball, a national sport in the United States.

However, if Major League Baseball athletes follow the example of their NHL peers and do not participate, Americans’ appetite to watch a lesser version would be curbed and cricket’s financial appeal would come into play. decision to select the team sport for the Games will likely come before MLB makes its decision to allow athletes to participate.

Ironically, one of the key decision makers on the Games schedule will be LA 2028 President and CEO Casey Wasserman. . which manages several top MLB athletes.

One would imagine that following whistleblower Azeem Rafiq’s comments in this newspaper that he had no intention of David Lloyd losing his job at Sky Sports following his revelations, the broadcaster may have -be reconsidered his decision.

“I really hope his departure from Sky has nothing to do with me as I had no intention of him losing his job,” Rafiq said.

‘It’s not a change. It just looks like someone is throwing the book at them to make themselves look good. It is not fair.’

Sky’s response when asked by Agenda if Bumble would be making a comeback? ‘No comment.’

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