Stranger in Foot Locker pays for Southgate teenager’s sneakers after checking he has good grades – Reuters

What just happened?

16-year-old Jordan Jackson is still trying to figure out how he walked into Foot Locker at the Southland Center in Taylor on Monday and within minutes walked out with a free pair of Jordan sneakers, compliments of a complete stranger.

The teenager said he didn’t even notice the man staring at him and had no idea what made him approach him with an offer to donate the shoes.

The proposal came with one condition.

“He said, ‘I’ll buy these shoes for you – if – you get good grades,'” Jackson said.

The teenager told the stranger he had good grades, but it wasn’t good enough for the Good Samaritan.

“He said, ‘Call your mum and ask her,'” the teenager said.

Jackson was at the mall with his older brother, Jaylen.

The deal was that they were to call his mother, Michelle Contesso, on the phone and confirm Jackson’s notes without telling him why they were asking.

Contesso said when she got the call, she was confused.

“He asked me what his grades were and I said all A’s and B’s, but there was a C,” Contesso said. “I was on speakerphone. He said that was all he needed to know, then he hung up the phone.

Jackson said he was confident the man was legit and would keep his word, and he was right.

The Stranger presented Jackson with a $150 gift card to pay for the Jordan Stay Loyal sneakers.

“I had no idea who this man was,” Jackson said. “He was just a random guy. I forgot to ask her name. I was too excited to get the free shoes.

The boys called Contesso back and explained the strange call to him.

“It couldn’t have happened to a better kid,” Contesso said. “He has his first job and he didn’t buy anything for himself. This was going to be his first purchase.

She said her son, a 10th grader at Southgate Anderson High School, worked hard to maintain his grades.

His brother is known to tell Jackson to be nice and courteous to people because sometimes people don’t know who you’re talking to or who’s looking.

Contesso posted about the encounter on social media to share his positive story and to thank the man for his act of kindness to his son.

“Thank you,” she said. “It’s been his whole year so far.”

Jackson said the shoes are comfortable and look amazing.

He plans to wear them to school when they return from winter vacation.

Jackson and his mother are hoping the man sees their thank you so he knows how grateful they are.

“I definitely intend to pay it forward,” Jackson said. “I don’t know exactly how yet, but I will.”

Jackson was told getting good grades would pay off, and on Monday he said it certainly did.

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