Teenager Shaquille O’Neal stopped comparisons to Michael Jordan with 8-word statement: ‘I’m good but I’m not that good yet’

Shaquille O’Neal turned into a juggernaut every time he set foot on this hard wood. Nothing could stop the four-time champion as he etched his name in the history books with his dominance. He demolished everything and everyone in his path in order to fulfill his long quest for greatness.

His rise to the pinnacle, however, was never easy. Shaq had to transcend darkness to become the success story he is today. He is a beautiful embodiment of how to convert a difficult past into a better future. His beginnings were humble, as was his attitude from the start. Shaq talks about his greatness on the court, and rightly so, but he’s always acknowledged where he stands among the other NBA greats.


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Shaq cited an example of this in an episode of Knucklesheads by The Player’s Tribune. He made a point in high school when he shot down all the comparisons made to Michael Jordan.

“I don’t like people saying things to me that sound too good, because I’ve never heard that before.” he said. “Coming out of second year, I wasn’t that good, was I…in first year, okay…in senior, now I’m starting to make a name for myself. So now they were treating me like Jordan. I was like, ‘I’m good but I’m not that good yet.'”

Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan clashed on several occasions as the former was still forging his dominance while the latter had already conquered the league.

In the 1995 Eastern Conference Playoffs, Shaq’s Orlando Magic defeated Jordan’s Chicago Bulls 4-2. It was the year His Airness made a sensational return to the NBA later in the regular season.

The following season, however, Jordan got the last laugh when the Bulls beat the Magic in the semifinals en route to an NBA championship.

Shaquille O’Neal calls Michael Jordan the GOAT

The NBA has produced some of the most talented and athletic players in history. Michael Jordan is generally considered to be at the zenith of the NBA hierarchy. Shaquille O’Neal feels the same way and has spoken about how Jordan is the greatest to ever step foot on the court.


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In fact, Shaq claims that if the first Jordan laced his basketball shoes in the modern NBA, he would average 45 PPG. Jordan’s scoring prowess is forever etched in NBA history. At 30:12, Jordan holds the NBA registration for the highest career point average. He also won the scoring title 10 times, which highlights his unparalleled scoring ability.

It’s safe to conclude that Jordan would have been a threat even in today’s NBA. We are witnessing a time when athletes work exceptionally hard to hone their skills, but Jordan was in a league of his own in his prime.


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His influence on the game is unmatched and he embodies a winning mentality and fierce competitive spirit. That’s what Shaq thinks, and that’s what Jumpman’s legendary legacy continues to define to this day.

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