The group opens new apartments in downtown Bryan

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – A new apartment building is coming to downtown Bryan, which many hope will be just a stepping stone in other developments.

Forty-eight new lofts and 6,500 square feet of retail space are expected to be completed this fall. BCS Modern and many other groups involved in the process paved the way for Jordan’s Lofts Friday.

48 new loft apartments and 6,500 square feet of commercial space are expected to be completed in fall 2022.(KBTX)

Chris Lawrence, the CEO, said that in developing the property they had the future in mind.

“I wanted a place where I could hang out and walk to the grocery store and walk to the Village Cafe and enjoy being in that place with the community and bringing the arts here and everything that we did. So I just needed to feel that a place has the diversity that I need in my life,” he said.

Lawrence said he would like to see new restaurants in the retail space below the lofts.

Bryan City Council member Reuben Marin said when COVID-19 hit, the area saw growth come to a halt. Now that is starting to change.

“This groundbreaking is so exciting. It’s been a long time coming. Chris Lawrence and his team have done an incredible job moving this development on the north end of downtown Bryan forward,” Marin said. it will spur additional growth, sort of a domino effect, where we’ll start to see more development on that end of downtown Bryan.”

Lawrence said he was thrilled to finally innovate after buying the land in 2016. “It’s very meaningful, but not just for me. I mean, we do this for all of us. We obviously get the payoff from it, but it’s really about moving downtown Bryan forward and not looking back,” he said.

The property is located at 22nd and Main Streets in downtown Bryan.

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