The Perfect Nutrition becomes first distributor of LIMU products in North America

ALBANY, Oré., February 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Perfect Nutrition, the trusted source for safe and natural products, is proud to announce its new status as North America #1 Distributor of LIMU products.

Fucoidan provides the foundation for all of LIMU’s extraordinary supplements, and it is derived from brown algae found in the crystal clear waters of Tonga.

  • As the flagship product of the LIMU line and the world’s top-selling Fucoidan supplement, LIMU-Original offers a delicious blend of mango, papaya, pear and apple blended with proprietary seaweed extracts packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • The healthiest energy drinks on the plant, LIMU Blue Frog and Blue Frog 2contain no artificial ingredients or colors and combine the power of Fucoidan with natural caffeine to enhance and maintain daily vigor without crashing.
  • Packed with 13 essential vitamins, 7 grams of soluble fiber and 20 grams of premium protein, LIMU Lean burn can help control appetite.

“Since the beginning, LIMU has been dedicated to helping people naturally achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle,” says Zeth Owen, founder of The Perfect Nutrition. “As someone who truly believes in the power of Mother Earth to provide everything humans need to thrive, I am thrilled that The Perfect Nutrition is now the #1 distributor of LIMU products in North America!”

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