When is the Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease release date? Here’s what we know

The long-rumored Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease has now been officially unveiled, leaving many fans wondering when we might hear a release date announcement from Nike.

Dressed in the colors of the Chicago Bulls, the Flyease low-tops will join a long list of red, white and black Jordan 1s releasing in 2022, including the upcoming “Reverse Black Toe” Lows and redesigned “Chicago” Highs.

While there’s a lot to look forward to over the next few months, we’re only focusing on the Bulls-themed Flyease sneakers in this review. So, without further ado, let’s dive into…

When is the Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease release date?

A release date for the Jordan 1 Flyease sneakers has yet to be confirmed by Nike, leading most reports to simply predict their arrival at some point. 2022.

Interestingly, the previous Jordan 1 Flyease colorways were released around the start of each month.

While that’s not a big deal, it might give us an indication of when we might expect those Bulls-themed stockings to arrive later this year.

That said, more information is currently expected to be revealed over the next few months, so be sure to stay tuned for more here.

Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease design

As hinted, the Flyease Low Top takes on the classic Chicago Bulls color scheme, combining white leather with red and black overlays to line up with some of the best Jordan 1 colorways.

However, the most intriguing part of the Flyease sneakers is their unique locking system.

As an alternative to laces, a fabric adhesive is used to lock down the side portion of the collars, while a zipper runs down the medial sides for easy entry.

You then get Flyease branding on the red strap, while the usual Jordan “Wings” badge can be found in matching red on the heels.

Joint Flyease and Jordan branding can also be found on the black insoles; however, it looks like the logos are dressed in a slightly lighter, almost orange tone, rather than a matching red.

The trainers then sit on white midsoles that encapsulate Nike’s Air technology for added protection and comfort, complementing Flyease Lows in typical Jordan fashion.

Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease Price

Although Nike has revealed official images of the sneakers, no information has been announced regarding their price.

Previous high-end iterations have sold for $140 for $160but it’s unclear whether the bass versions will follow in their footsteps at this point.

Stay tuned for more here.

Where to buy the Air Jordan 1 Low Flyease

We think one of the first places you’ll find a listing of these low-top Flyease shoes will be in the Nike store under new releases, Jordan, or the basketball subsection.

We also recommend signing up for push notifications as soon as the list goes live on the SNKRS page or app to ensure you’re fully prepared for their upcoming arrival.

You can also keep an eye on the resale market on StockX if your first attempt to buy a pair fails on release day.

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