Who is Jordan Mooney’s husband, Pamela Rooke? Who is your partner and your family?

Other commuters panicked when Jordan Mooney left her hometown of Seaford, East Sussex, to work as a saleswoman on King’s Road in London. When this 19-year-old girl (she’s only 5-foot-1) gets in a car, everyone often gets in a different car. Sometimes, to keep the peace, the guards put them in their first-class cars.

It was the early 70s, and Jordan was one of the original members of the burgeoning style tribe known as punk rock, and for many, the most influential member. From her debut in 1974 until her death in the early 80s, she was at the heart of the music and fashion movements, and her bleached blonde hair, bushy black raccoon eye makeup and outfits with chains, studs and rubber were signature design shocks.

“I never made eye contact with anyone, just went my own gentle way,” Jordan, 63, recalls those trips with a laugh. “Although I argue sometimes, especially with women who have children. They’re like, ‘Can you go? You look mean and you’re annoying my kids. “I would say, ‘I’m going to sit here first. “I recently met an old classmate who told me that her father worked on the railroad. He came home and said, “That madman got on the train again today.” “

While the Sex Pistols tout British lawlessness, Jordan’s motivation was not to overthrow the government, but to change what she called the “grey, tan and taupe period” when London was regularly ravaged by bombings from the IRA. It was a three-day week and an era of oil crises. “Everyone is fed up, there’s garbage all over the streets and there’s a strike, it’s really bad,” she said.

She worked at Sex, the rubber-filled King’s Road clothing store founded by anarchist designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, and quickly became a punk celebrity, known for her quirky style and dedication to looks. “People who don’t want to be submissive are attracted to this place,” said Jordan, whose friends include future Sex Pistols John Layden, aka Johnny Rotten and John Beverley, who would later become Sid Vicious.

She was close to Stuart Goddard (aka Adam Ant), who wrote her anonymous love letter to an unknown teenager after seeing her scowling during a performance of Pistol in 1976; She then briefly managed Adam and Ant. Other members of his gang included future Pretenders singer Chrissie Hynde and singers Siouxsie Sioux and Toyah Willcox (who co-starred with Jordan in Derek Jarman’s 1978 punk film Jubilee).

Boy George, who visited the store in his school uniform, said he found Jordan “very scary”. “It’s me!” She has accepted. “I would never say, ‘Can I help you?’ I would tell people who just want to spend money, ‘You can’t buy this, it’s not for you.’ Getting into sex is like a challenge. But if people can prove to me that they deserve these clothes, I will have a long talk with them.

How did the saleswoman become the queen of punk? “For some reason, ever since I was a kid, I felt like I didn’t want to belong,” she said. “I’m not mad at the world. I just want to do my best. I have a keen eye for beautiful things and want to be a living work of art.

She flips through her new memoir, “Defying Gravity,” and sees a photo of herself walking down King’s Road wearing a crude t-shirt and fishnet skirt over a pair of red leggings, apparently with no panties inside. “Everyone was looking at me,” she said. “People say I have to be brave or exhibitionist, but I’m not. I really don’t care what people think or if people look at me. I feel very comfortable being that person.

Born Pamela Rooke (who changed her name to Jordan Baker at 18, the cool androgynous female character of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby), Jordan was a tailor and girl veteran of World War II, a member of 4th Commando . They are loving parents who are amazed by their strong-willed daughter. “They put me in my old age, from a completely different generation that went through the war, and that made me even more of a stranger to them. Mom wanted me to be a sweet, sweet little girl, but everything went wrong. turned,” she smiles Say sadly. “I never get mad at anyone, but I’m always adamant – if someone asks me, I’ll never go to bed.”

As a student, she studied ballet and, to the surprise of her classmates, participated in high-level athletic competitions. “I want to be good at something. The other girls don’t want to be noticed. They just want to wear short skirts, get married, and don’t want to threaten boys. I think part of the reason is that it’s disappointing that so many women look a bit like Stepford Wifey, which drives me to be different.

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