Who is Michael Jordan’s daughter, Ysabel Jordan, and where is she now? Let’s take a closer look at his personal life

All five children of Michael Jordan seem to have missed the GOAT gene. The Chicago Bulls legend is widely known as the greatest player of all time, but he didn’t share those qualities with his children.

To be raised by one of the NBA’s greatest players, Jordan’s children would have had the privilege of enjoying a ton of benefits. Jordan retired in 2003 and only his first three children got to see how great their dad was on the court. Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine Jordan all witnessed the Bulls dynasty in the 1990s. MJ’s two youngest daughters, Victoria and Ysabel, are both young and failed.

Jordan’s twins came after he married Yvette Prieto in 2013. A year later, she gave birth to Victoria and Ysabel.

They are identical twins for Michael Jordan and his wife Yvette! Daughters Victoria and Ysabel arrived on Sunday: peoplem.ag/txoML

The twins are both 8 years old. Similar to how her twin sister is raised, little is revealed to the public about Ysabel. Both Michael and Prieto are high profile celebrities in each of their careers. It is understandable that they keep their children away from the limelight. Being the daughter of a model and an NBA legend probably isn’t easy.

Ysabel has a ton of years ahead of her to decide her career goals. Maybe she will be the first supermodel/basketball player in the Jordan family. Who knows?

Michael Jordan’s kids took on a different challenge than their dad

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race
NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

Michael Jordan rose to fame when he won several championships with the Chicago Bulls. This level of fame has put his family in the spotlight on several occasions.

Three went on to business careers.

Jeffrey Jordan attended Nike Inc.’s management training program after college. In 2020, he co-founded the Jordan Avakian Group, a Chicago-based consulting group.

MJ’s second son, Marcus, has also joined the business path. In May 2016, he opened a high-end shoe store called Trophy Room. In 2019, however, he closed the physical store and moved to an online business. His business seems to be doing well as he has had clients like acclaimed music icon DJ Khaled.

Jordan’s first daughter, Jasmine, is also in business. She works for Nike and Jordan Brand. In addition, she represents certain Charlotte Hornets players and plays a vital role as a representative of Jordan Brand in the WNBA.

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For her twins, Victoria and Ysabel, there is still a long way to go.

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