Why distilled water is better than the tap for DIY cleaning products


To put this recommendation to the test, I made two different all-purpose cleaners to use to wipe down my stainless steel hood. One had good old New York water straight from the tap, the other had tap water that had been boiled. The two cleaners were identical apart from that.

After I applied each cleaner to one side of my hood with a microfiber cloth and let them dry, there was a clear winner: the tap water side had a lot more residue than the boiled water side, which looked shiny and almost streak-free. (I didn’t have distilled water on hand for this experiment, but I imagine it would have worked even better.)

Sacha Dunn, the founder of the herbal cleaning company Common Good, says the usefulness of treated water doesn’t end there. You can also use it to clean your vaporizers before refilling them.

“If you get really nasty bacteria out of tap water it can produce some pretty gross stuff,” Dunn told mbg. The next time you clean a glass spray bottle to prep it for a new cleaner, she recommends making sure it’s nice and sterile by rinsing it well with distilled water or, if you’re using the tap, make sure you dry it before using it again. Turn it upside down and allow all the water to evaporate completely before filling it again to make sure all the gunk escapes.

To further improve the effectiveness of your cleaners and extend their shelf life, Dunn recommends placing them in dry, dark areas like under your sink or in your kitchen cupboard. This ensures that they are out of direct sunlight and protected from sudden changes in temperature.

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